Dialogue for Grand Vizier Hassan

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This transcript involves dialogue with Grand Vizier Hassan and the player.

As free-to-play

  • After 'Diamond in the Rough' and 'Stolen Hearts' (Talk about quests.)
    • Grand Vizier Hassan:Though your earlier activities may have suggested otherwise, you have turned out to be a true friend of Al Kharid. I will be forever grateful to you for safely returning Emir Ali to us. I am certain Osman will have more work for a person of your calibre.
  • Achievement diary (Talk about tasks.)
    • Player:Tell me about the achievement system.
    • Grand Vizier Hassan:Very well: the Achievement System is a collection of deeds you may wish to complete while adventuring around the world. You can earn special rewards for completing certain achievements; at the very least, each is worth a cash bounty from Explorer Jack in Lumbridge. Some also give items that will help complete other achievements, and may count as progress towards the set for the area they're in.
    • Player:Tell me about the set reward for this locality.
    • Grand Vizier Hassan:For completing the Desert set, you are presented with an amulet. This amulet will become increasingly useful as you complete greater difficult levels. When you are presented with your rewards, you will be told of their uses.
    • Game Message:You may also see what rewards a set item provides by hovering over the Rewards icon for its Exploration Achievement set in the Achievements interface.
    • Player:How do I claim these rewards?
    • Grand Vizier Hassan:You need to complete all Tasks within a particular difficulty set; then you can claim your reward. Some of the Desert Tasks are simple, some require certain skill levels, and others require quests to be started or completed. To claim your desert set rewards, speak to Zahur in Nardah, Hakeem the Mayor in Pollnivneach, the Golem in Uzer or myself.
    • Player:Sorry, I was just leaving.