Transcript of Gower Quest journal entry

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  • I can begin this quest by talking to Andrew at the Gower cabbage farm.
  • Andrew Gower asked me to find out why the cabbages have stopped growing.
  • I found the components to create the cabbagespeak amulet.
  • I spoke to the cabbages in the field. They refused to help me until I met their demands.
  • Ian Gower accepted the cabbages' demands and gave me some cabbage-sized partyhats.
  • I handed the party hats over to the cabbages, who seem happy with them.
  • Crispy told me about a place called 'Behind the Scenes', a magical place where cabbages come from.
  • I got a disk of returning from Andrew.
  • I passed through the black hole that separates Gielinor from Behind the Scenes.
  • Thordur welcomed me to Behind the Scenes. This appears to be a place that exists outside the universe as I understand it. I need to investigate more.
  • I entered Behind the Scenes and found myself in an endless pub, bustling with activity.
  • I met a spider called Spiral Orb. She explained that something caused the life altar here to explode which is the reason cabbages have stopped growing.
  • I found the 3 altar fragments and restored the life altar.
  • I've restored the life altar, but it turned out to be a trap - the Black Knight Titan wanted my disk of returning so he could return to Gielinor.
  • I defeated the Black Knight Titan.
  • The Black Knight Titan has repented for his actions and has apologised.
  • If the player has not yet claimed the post-quest XP lamps:
    • I should talk to the Gower brothers to see if they have any other rewards for me.
  • If the player has claimed the post-quest XP lamps:
    • The Gower brothers also gave me three lamps for my help.
  • I can return to Behind the Scenes using my disk of returning.