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This transcript involves dialogue with Goutbones and the player.

Initial Conversation[edit | edit source]

  • Goutbones: Mornin'. Come to see the Dead High War God?
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    • What happened here?
      • Goutbones: Where you been? Under rock? I know I was when big fight happen. Safe there. That's the 'ead of Bandos, Dead High War God. He Big High War God, but then he got killed pretty dead, an' got turned to rock. See, there was big scrap between Bandos an' Big High Chicken God, Armadyl. Bandos, he want big magic stone so he build big magic thing for killin' other gods. Armadyl built one too, 'spite him being all 'Let's all be nice an' not eat each other'. Pfft, stoopid, lyin' chicken-face! It was big, fun fight for weeks! Bandos an' Armadyl both tryin' to steal magic glowy stuff for magic god-killer things. Carts of the stuff were gettin' raided all over the place! An' people were fightin' over the route too. Buildin' monoliths an' banners an' other stuff. Then they 'adda big scrap over it! Bandos, his people fought hard, but he didn't have many people grabbin' the magic stuff. So Armadyl's chicken-gun went off first an' he kill Bandos dead. Still, it not so bad when you fink about it.
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        • But didn't Bandos lose?
          • Goutbones: Well yeah, but when you fink about it, we Bandos warriors still did real good. I mean, there were loads an' loads of Armadyl fighters, an' we still gave 'em a good fight the whole way! An' look at this. Bandos is dead, but Armadyl only won 'cos he proved him right: the strong crush the weak! So, dere will be a new Big High War God sometime. An' next one will have more warriors. Dat all we needed to win dis time. Maybe Armadyl becomes Big High War Chicken. He got taste for god-killin' now. He even took Bandos's mace for fightin' with too. Sary-domin won't like that one bit, me bet. Not too long 'til they 'ave a fight too. Can't trust either of 'em.
        • Was anything left after the event?
          • Goutbones: Yeah! Dead High War God left loads of armour behind. Lots of it got stole by warriors who went fightin' God Wars. If you want it back you need go fight 'em for it. While yer there, go fight Armadyl warriors. They got plenty armour too! Heard there were new fightin' moves popped up too! The bigwigs down in God Wars, they'll know 'em if anyone does. Graardor and whatsisface
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