Transcript of Goshima note

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If you're reading this, well, first off I'm not in the least bit surprised, and second, you're an idiot. You know what the Kinshra are like; they didn't let you leave, and now they'll be hunting for the both of us.

Some numpty called Jed stranded me here, said I was a 'gift' for the khan here or something, but there's nobody here. They're all dead.

Well, all except for this creepy ghost woman thing - she's scary. Jed called it a jiangshi. Don't go near her, though...she'll drain your life in seconds. I saw her drain some livestock and it wasn't pretty. Before she was done, they started trying to eat each other! Crazy.

Just know I'm safe. I salvaged enough to build a raft and I'm headed further east. The more distance between me and the Kinshra, the better.

Go home, E. I'm fine. Don't give up your career or your life for me.

- J

P.S. Stay safe, sis. I love ya.

P.P.S. Jed also left this weird thing with me, think it belongs to the trader that owned the ship I was on. Taking it with me, might be worth something.