Dialogue for Gorajo hoardstalker

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  • Player: Who are you?
    • Gorajo Hoardstalker: My name is not important. I am a gorajo, and my home is what you call the 'Spirit Plane'. That was much too chaotic for my liking. The quiet and stability here allows me to focus on the important things in life.
    • Player: So you're making potions and improving your combat skills?
    • Gorajo Hoardstalker: Cards.
    • Player: Cards?
    • Gorajo Hoardstalker: Cards. The lifeblood of my race. A small part of my essence is placed into each card. Any may be given the card. The card absorbs knowledge from the experience of the card-bearer - while providing them benefits - and returns itself to me so the knowledge may become my own. Sometimes these experiences manifest. This dungeon was empty when I found it, and everything you see before you is a consequence of the cards. I have been honing some new cards around the dungeons within which we find ourselves. You may make a fine card-bearer.
    • Player: I would like some cards.
      • Gorajo Hoardstalker: To activate the card, enter the daemonheim area. Once inside, activate it whenever you desire. Now go. Use it well, card-bearer.
      • If asking for a card when you already received one
        • Gorajo Hoardstalker: No, no, no. You must come back tomorrow.
    • Player: Tell me more about the cards.
      • Gorajo Hoardstalker: They take a lot of care to create; I can manage only one per day. Some of my favourite creations to date have allowed the heaviest bars to be lifted with the weakest of arms, others have found additional items, and some have increased rates of learning. Occasionally the card can affect more than just yourself, but this is not always the case.
  • Player: What can I do here?
    • Gorajo Hoardstalker: You may do what you wish. Before I found this place the cards I produced were different. Their experiences have manifested here. You will find a bleeding tree, flying imps, elven wildlife and resource locations which appear and disappear as they so wish. If you wish to become a card-bearer, you may also take a card.
    • Player: Bye.