Transcript of Gonthorian Announces The RuneScape Machinima Contest

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Digita gun corinne even ask a historian
[00:02] hi Brad needs let's show you up Indira
[00:05] I'm here representing for my jag s crew
[00:07] my homies packing pavers supers I have a
[00:10] contest one day for all the best out
[00:12] there just create your own bin don't
[00:14] forget your underwear let's don't have
[00:16] any player hating cause it's all about
[00:17] Mishima make it two minutes long I don't
[00:20] have anything resolution luckily it's
[00:24] game you can't get your ID which was
[00:33] simply says that there will be no use of
[00:35] extra rap songs in the contest video
[00:37] nobody can understand what you said what
[00:40] do you mean it's like making it's genius
[00:42] I don't like light oven oh hey Beethoven
[00:46] I met the Jonas Brothers well in that
[00:49] case now just redo it okay mm-hmm
[00:54] hello my fellow race Campion's I'm the
[00:57] mighty Kotori
[00:57] and yes I'm katoyan from runescape gods
[01:02] excuse me for one moment please
[01:12] all right where was I oh yes tickets
[01:15] asked me to tell you a little bit about
[01:17] their new machinima contest for obvious
[01:19] reasons I have the perfect bone
[01:21] structure for television those of you
[01:23] that have enough known balls to enter
[01:24] this competition you must make your
[01:26] video no longer than two minutes make
[01:28] your video as entertaining as possible
[01:30] here's a few examples example one dog
[01:33] for [ __ ] example two cat responsive
[01:35] you example 3 dad first dog for
[01:37] fluttered even for for care I'm fun
[01:39] making your videos my friend and if you
[01:41] feel any of ideas I will destroy it for
[01:43] more information visit slash
[01:46] burns here goodbye it's beautiful it's
[01:49] simply beautiful you have any Jonas
[01:51] Brothers on here
[01:54] you