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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] [Applause]
[00:14] [Music]
[00:28] hello
[00:30] are you feeling psyched for some golden
[00:32] gnomes people yeah
[00:34] awesome so we're here to celebrate some
[00:38] of the greatest achievements
[00:40] our community have made over the past
[00:42] year either by sitting in their bedrooms
[00:44] and shouting violently into a camera
[00:46] hoping that their mum doesn't come in
[00:48] and tell him off or worse
[00:49] you're attacked by a wasp and run off
[00:51] like a little girl
[00:53] or making awesome videos in game don't
[00:56] you just hate it when some noob comes in
[00:58] your shot and ruins the perfect shot
[01:00] or making cool real world artwork that
[01:02] would put michelangelo to shame
[01:04] and boaty i don't mean the turtle when i
[01:07] say michelangelo
[01:09] it gives you the chance to vote for your
[01:11] favorite community champions
[01:12] those players who go out of their way to
[01:14] make your experiences in game
[01:16] even better and those people who've done
[01:18] something great
[01:19] for people in the real world through the
[01:22] power of runescape
[01:23] we're also welcoming someone new into
[01:25] our exclusive hall of fame
[01:27] and giving special recognition to some
[01:29] amazing people
[01:30] so let's get cracking and get on with it
[01:33] everyone's psyched
[01:34] yeah all right come on let's get some
[01:37] super energy potions into the room give
[01:38] me some noise people
[01:40] are you say awesome
[01:44] so first up we've got best video and
[01:47] video maker
[01:48] for runescape and then for old school
[01:50] now the videos that you guys make
[01:52] are great whether there's a group of
[01:54] people whenever there's a group of
[01:56] people
[01:56] in the office gathered around a pc you
[01:59] can normally bet
[02:00] it's a player made video that they're
[02:02] looking at we love it when people take
[02:04] our material
[02:05] and do something weird with it so to
[02:08] present the runescape video awards
[02:10] i'd like to welcome one of my favorite
[02:11] video makers of all time
[02:13] someone who we like so much we only went
[02:15] and gave him a job
[02:17] and just don't take him on a rap battle
[02:19] give it up give it up
[02:20] for modley aka regis title
[02:37] first up we have the gnome for the best
[02:39] runescape video
[02:40] content creators are constantly thinking
[02:42] of new original ideas and we've seen
[02:44] some awesome runescape videos
[02:45] since last runefest so without further
[02:48] ado let's have a look at our five
[02:50] finalists black santa hat yes the new
[02:53] a friend the continued item is that much
[02:55] 1.5 bill
[02:56] it's actually 1.6 billion i'm pretty
[02:59] sure this one was obtainable through
[03:01] treasure hunter and there are very
[03:03] little of them in the game like a few
[03:05] hundred
[03:06] or so maybe up to a thousand and that's
[03:09] why they're so expensive
[03:10] center i promise noob show runescape
[03:13] exposed episode 14. i will make things
[03:15] right
[03:16] i will rebuild all the gifts that i
[03:17] destroyed and i will make this the best
[03:20] christmas
[03:20] runescape has ever seen now gothics
[03:22] internet explorer
[03:24] no
[03:30] i guess i deserve that
[03:35] we'll miss it if facebook bought
[03:43] [Music]
[03:44] runescape
[03:47] [Music]
[03:49] um sometimes you can go and see the real
[03:52] escapers runescape by people who've
[03:53] never played it like the c
[03:55] dwelling uh stones uh runescape is a
[03:58] game
[03:59] um involving uh the historical
[04:03] exploration of australia and was created
[04:05] by
[04:06] two brothers when the second red comes
[04:08] out you want to run to the east and the
[04:09] june song
[04:10] complete bomb tanking if there were no
[04:12] blues before this point however
[04:14] you can choose to residence the
[04:15] non-homing blue instead if you've
[04:16] already used your resonance make sure
[04:18] you're swapping to deflect from magic
[04:19] when they're hitting you and soul
[04:20] splitting between them
[04:23] and the winner is
[04:30] to noob show
[04:44] he's not here today so unfortunately
[04:46] he's going to make a video and he's
[04:47] going to show it to you right here so
[04:48] give the video hey it's me bob and uh
[04:51] runescape gods are on vacation that
[04:54] means i'm here to accept the award on
[04:56] their behalf
[04:57] and i promised myself i wouldn't cry
[05:00] thank you noobs
[05:01] who helped out with this video we
[05:03] wouldn't have been able to do it without
[05:04] you
[05:05] also thank you loyal to new show fans
[05:08] you guys are cool but sometimes a little
[05:09] newbie as well but that's totally fine
[05:12] last but not least thank you jagex for
[05:15] hiring
[05:16] the very best nerds in the united
[05:18] kingdom
[05:19] to create such a lovely game we should
[05:22] definitely give them all a giant round
[05:24] of applause well it's not
[05:26] so now that that's all out of the way i
[05:28] just wanted to bring up something that's
[05:30] actually very serious
[05:31] that is rarely talked about climate
[05:34] change
[05:34] [Music]
[05:36] it's real and it's affecting millions of
[05:38] npcs daily
[05:40] so stop being selfish and buy an
[05:43] electric dwarf cannon
[05:44] you selfish cricks so yeah that's it
[05:47] awesome thank you for that it's a new
[05:51] show the winner
[06:00] the next award is for best runescape
[06:02] video maker
[06:03] these creators put a ton of time into
[06:04] their channel and videos and it's only
[06:06] worthy that we recognize them for their
[06:07] hard work and dedication
[06:09] these video makers are monkey donkey
[06:15] the real escapers will miss it
[06:19] fat nooblet and the sir mickel
[06:24] and the winner is
[06:29] we'll miss it
[06:37] he is here today
[06:52] all right um obviously this is a big
[06:55] channel it's a lot of people to work on
[06:56] these kind of things because it is
[06:57] runescape machinimas it is comedy
[06:59] content and throughout the years i
[07:01] worked with 150 different people
[07:04] probably a lot more as well and they
[07:05] know that this is something we achieve
[07:07] together
[07:07] i'm not standing here alone taking this
[07:09] for myself and thinking it for
[07:11] all of them thank you
[07:18] and that was your best runescape 3 video
[07:21] maker and videos
[07:23] there you go all right okay next up is
[07:26] the old school video and video maker
[07:29] and for that let's re uh let's welcome a
[07:31] young recruit to the stage
[07:32] someone so popular he's been described
[07:34] as the young mod
[07:36] ash although he still can't pronounce
[07:38] his words properly
[07:39] it's mod kieran
[07:47] so next up is the golden gnome for the
[07:50] best old school
[07:51] video the time effort dedication that
[07:54] people have put into their videos
[07:55] producing all sorts of different content
[07:57] it's phenomenal
[07:58] it's been tough to whittle it down but
[08:00] we've got it down to five finalists
[08:02] here they are first up we've got spark
[08:05] max human bomb adventures
[08:12] no he knew i was coming he knew i was up
[08:16] here
[08:17] if you want to start off with crafting
[08:18] at level one you don't feel like next we
[08:20] have autumn allergies
[08:22] is to craft leather items and at level
[08:25] one the only thing you can craft is
[08:27] uh leather gloves and any leather item
[08:28] that you can craft uses only one
[08:30] uh soft leather okay now go to your mr
[08:33] mammal's pinking with my mom
[08:36] red skull now go to your double cross
[08:40] swords then just wait just wait not yet
[08:42] not yet
[08:44] relax for a sec special attack go
[08:49] oh you double click go back to your
[08:50] backpack no mom backpack oh
[08:55] no no you did good no no you did good
[09:17] we've now got about a minute and now we
[09:19] have mr 1.6
[09:22] so are you both confident with your
[09:24] choices
[09:26] yes yep and do you think that you've
[09:29] both done the right thing today
[09:32] yes
[09:35] that man what about you
[09:39] yeah i made the right choice
[09:43] so the winner is
[09:48] it's mr bug
[09:52] so mr bug is not actually here today
[09:54] unfortunately and
[09:55] i'm sure this is going to come to a
[09:56] surprise to him because we haven't told
[09:58] him either
[10:00] so mr bug's content is completely unique
[10:02] he's been working on such
[10:04] a different style of video all of it
[10:06] functioning around
[10:07] making little mini games that he plays
[10:09] with noobs in the free of play worlds
[10:11] and all of it is him giving money to
[10:14] noobs
[10:14] so that's fantastic big congratulations
[10:18] to him and next up we have the best old
[10:21] school video maker
[10:25] again it goes without saying the quality
[10:27] of videos in our community is absolutely
[10:28] fantastic
[10:29] there's always new content to watch with
[10:31] so many big names out there i'm sure
[10:33] everyone has their favorites
[10:34] but we do have a top five firstly
[10:38] mr mammal mr bug
[10:41] sparkmack a friend
[10:45] rs
[10:51] who'd won this one
[10:56] it's a friend
[11:18] um actually i'm not prepared for this so
[11:21] uh
[11:22] i want to say thank you i mean uh so
[11:24] many people voted
[11:25] that's like insane like the voting bar
[11:27] was like off the roof so i think it was
[11:29] like 60
[11:30] or something i guess it's nice finally
[11:33] to be
[11:34] appreciated it was been five years now
[11:36] so
[11:37] i mean yeah yes this thing's pretty
[11:40] heavy so uh yeah
[11:42] thank you thanks hall
[11:44] [Music]
[11:47] hello man
[11:52] so now it's time for the best streamer
[11:55] and best
[11:56] streaming moment streaming is a strange
[11:59] art indeed
[12:00] i think 10 years ago we never would have
[12:02] imagined that people get could get paid
[12:04] big bucks
[12:05] for letting people watch them do stuff
[12:08] it's inspired
[12:09] huge tv shows it's expanded our view and
[12:12] what entertainment can be
[12:13] and you guys are partly responsible for
[12:15] that with runescape
[12:17] being in the top 10 streaming charts on
[12:19] twitch for years now
[12:20] so let's welcome to the stage a man
[12:23] whose initials remain a mystery for
[12:25] everybody
[12:26] now i personally reckon they stand for
[12:28] jersey devil a mythical kangaroo-like
[12:31] creature with a head of a goat
[12:32] leathery backlight wings cloven hooves
[12:35] and a forked tail and a blood curdling
[12:37] scream
[12:38] or at least that's what he looks like
[12:39] after he's been dealing with the players
[12:41] for a few hours on the forums
[12:43] so let's welcome mod jd
[12:58] thanks for that wonderful introduction
[13:00] mark and some
[13:02] and some moments live long in the
[13:03] runescape community they can be funny
[13:05] the product of
[13:06] many months work or an incredible
[13:08] achievement this award is to celebrate
[13:10] those amazing moments that nobody's
[13:11] going to forget in a hurry
[13:12] here are your nominations for the best
[13:14] runescape streaming moment
[13:23] [Music]
[13:32] oh
[13:46] oh my god
[13:53] [Music]
[14:00] and the award goes to unsurprisingly the
[14:04] thor rs
[14:16] now uh thor's not here tonight
[14:18] unfortunately um
[14:19] but uh we wish him all the best and uh
[14:22] yeah we i think we have our eardrum
[14:24] still intact
[14:26] uh so next up it's the award for the
[14:28] best runescape
[14:29] streamer these final lists all give up
[14:32] many days
[14:33] evenings and nights to live stream their
[14:35] games so it's only right to recognise
[14:37] their hard work and dedication
[14:39] they've entertained us in the office for
[14:40] countless hours and hopefully done the
[14:42] same for you guys at home
[14:44] and in the audience as well here are
[14:45] your nominations for the best runescape
[14:47] streamer
[14:55] first nomination goes to rs glory and
[14:58] gold
[15:00] [Applause]
[15:00] [Music]
[15:03] nomination two goes to the thor rs
[15:09] runescape omid
[15:12] brobson and stubby kane
[15:17] and the winner is can i get a yahoo in
[15:19] the audience it's rs glory and goals
[15:31] [Music]
[15:37] and sir tony ray unfortunately isn't
[15:39] here tonight um
[15:40] but uh again this one was voted for by
[15:43] the community by you guys at home so i'm
[15:45] sure he would be uh
[15:46] very very delighted to know that you
[15:48] guys all support him
[15:50] so uh those are your best runescape
[15:52] streamers and streaming moments
[15:55] [Applause]
[16:00] awesome um i always think it's amazing
[16:03] how calm and collected these streamers
[16:05] keep when they when they get the job
[16:07] that they've been after for ages
[16:08] um anyway great stuff uh on to old
[16:11] school whose viewing figures on twitch
[16:13] still continue to amaze the streaming
[16:15] community
[16:16] proving that it's not all about awesome
[16:18] graphics cracking gameplay
[16:20] and a charismatic streaming host can
[16:22] work wonders on a crowd
[16:24] and to present the awards for old
[16:26] school's best streamer and stream the
[16:28] moment
[16:28] let's welcome a man to the stage whose
[16:30] surname is unpronounceable
[16:32] it sounds like a place in zaya and makes
[16:35] me glad we only go
[16:36] by mod names but somebody please teach
[16:38] him what akisha's
[16:39] it's mod archie
[16:41] [Applause]
[16:49] wow quite the intro all right um
[16:52] so old school best streaming moment
[16:56] um remembering back this past 12 months
[16:58] there have been some seriously
[16:59] monumental streaming moments with dead
[17:00] man of course
[17:01] moments had you clenching your chair
[17:04] falling out of your chair
[17:06] what have you the nominees are for the
[17:08] best old-school runescape streaming
[17:10] moment are
[17:11] this was this was the dream i got the
[17:13] hammer drop right
[17:15] i had a really chill reaction i was just
[17:17] there like yeah that's cool guys that's
[17:19] awesome
[17:19] and then mod ronin oh
[17:23] oh my god oh face
[17:27] no way
[17:32] dream the dream
[17:35] is a reality three
[17:39] two one
[17:44] oh god
[17:51] [Applause]
[17:58] [Music]
[18:04] that's so impressive oh you've got no
[18:07] idea
[18:08] oh oh my god well let's fire into this
[18:11] spiritual event he's in dania oh my god
[18:15] did i just commit suicide
[18:19] no way i just committed suicide can i
[18:22] get out of this
[18:24] is there any way out of this what
[18:34] why is water coming out of the stop
[18:38] water is coming out of it look
[18:42] it's like a fountain oh i'm tangled
[18:58] and the winner
[19:01] i'm mmrpgrs
[19:16] [Music]
[19:18] oh very very unexpected i must say but
[19:20] that was totally
[19:21] a grind and it was well worth it because
[19:23] now we're standing over gardening but
[19:24] just big shout out
[19:25] to all the other old school streamers
[19:26] out there who have supported me over the
[19:29] over the months as well and uh shout out
[19:30] to mmorpgcc
[19:32] shout out to everyone who watches me
[19:33] thank you so much everybody very
[19:34] unexpected
[19:35] i'm speechless thank you thank you
[19:37] everybody thank you
[19:37] [Applause]
[19:47] alright moving on
[19:50] sorry moving on to the best old-school
[19:53] streamer
[19:56] right um streams have become a massive
[19:58] part of our game i'm sure some of you
[19:59] remember it wasn't long ago you could
[20:01] count how many streamers there were on
[20:03] one hand
[20:04] all of a sudden there's hundreds if not
[20:06] thousands of them
[20:08] that being said let's take a look at our
[20:10] nominees for the best old school
[20:11] runescape live streamer
[20:18] mmorpgrs
[20:21] mr mammal
[20:26] skill specs
[20:27] [Applause]
[20:32] i'm totally reading the wrong list
[20:40] [Applause]
[20:41] [Music]
[20:45] yeah for what it's worth they should all
[20:47] equally be on the list as well
[20:50] right that's very true
[20:53] bodhi
[20:58] ice poseidon
[21:01] and the last but not least wooks
[21:04] [Applause]
[21:09] and the winner is
[21:14] bodhi
[21:18] [Applause]
[21:23] [Music]
[21:29] [Music]
[21:37] ice beside it made me i'm just going to
[21:39] start with that
[21:41] um again i mean i'm here i mean i'm
[21:44] thinking of what my stream and i always
[21:45] just stream like skilling and it makes
[21:47] me wonder
[21:48] how again i'm standing here it surprises
[21:50] me so i had to look back at some of the
[21:52] streams i've done so i can actually
[21:53] stand here and feel like i deserve this
[21:55] award because personally again i'm going
[21:58] to
[21:58] recreate my speech from last year curtis
[22:00] i voted for you
[22:01] ice as well i personally hope you're
[22:03] going to win um
[22:04] so i look back at some of my streams and
[22:06] then the deadman mode streams that i had
[22:08] between the course of 2015 and 2016.
[22:12] monkey madness 2 the tournament and then
[22:14] overall uh finishing off the the charity
[22:16] stream i recently did where we as a
[22:18] community raised
[22:19] 78 000 pounds for mcmillan cancer
[22:21] support
[22:23] you guys should be having this no not me
[22:25] honestly thank you all so much though
[22:27] i appreciate it again thank you
[22:29] [Applause]
[22:36] awesome thanks very much
[22:39] how are you feeling about the award so
[22:41] far you feel like the right people have
[22:43] won yeah
[22:43] yeah any names you haven't seen yet
[22:46] you're expecting to see
[22:49] mr who
[22:52] mr someone
[22:55] i think i should stop asking you
[22:57] questions because it's just some weird
[22:58] echoey mess out there
[23:00] it's not a good thing anyway right
[23:03] so soon the bar will be open i
[23:06] absolutely promise you
[23:10] so now uh on to the award for best
[23:13] artistic creation
[23:15] and this is perhaps my favorite award
[23:17] because we're constantly astounded by
[23:19] your works of art be it a cartoon
[23:21] a beautiful oil painting handcrafted
[23:24] steel swords plastic amulets
[23:26] or even glove puppet monsters we've got
[23:29] loads hung up on the walls at work to
[23:31] inspire our artists
[23:32] and i know that since the golden gnome
[23:34] started the quality of the work
[23:36] just keeps going up and up so to present
[23:39] the award for artistic creation
[23:41] please help me welcome to the stage a
[23:43] man who disturbed us all greatly
[23:45] in a previous room fest when he dressed
[23:47] up as a giant pink baby
[23:49] and tried to disrupt the quiz seriously
[23:51] every time i see a baby grow i shudder
[23:53] with fear
[23:54] our artistic director and most forgetful
[23:58] person
[23:58] i've ever met mod welfish
[24:14] i'm never going to live that down am i
[24:15] ever
[24:17] hey guys so uh obviously i'm here for
[24:19] the uh best artistic creation award
[24:21] and uh yeah we're generally amazed how
[24:23] talented you guys really are
[24:25] the sheer amount of artwork you produce
[24:27] every every week
[24:28] is astounding and the the quality is
[24:30] always way up here
[24:32] um uh so without further ado let's take
[24:35] a look at the uh nominations for this
[24:37] award
[24:38] [Music]
[24:40] we have angel escapes baby dragon
[24:42] [Music]
[24:44] it's very very cute right
[24:48] whatever dojo busters zarath hard
[24:52] not quite as cute
[24:56] vicky light sarah doman sword
[25:01] [Music]
[25:03] first legs repeating the spirits
[25:11] and legend arts god wars dungeon clash
[25:17] so the winner of this prestigious award
[25:20] is
[25:24] dojo buster
[25:34] who isn't here tonight unfortunately so
[25:36] uh i get to get his award we'll pass it
[25:38] on to him with a bag of sweets and
[25:39] stuff so brilliant thanks very much guys
[25:41] cheers
[25:46] thank you mod well fish and next up it's
[25:49] the golden gnome for best artist
[25:52] this gets presented to someone who has
[25:54] year after year delivered stunning stuff
[25:56] worked with others to improve their work
[25:58] and helped to shape the runescape world
[26:00] by feeding creativity to our own artists
[26:03] and basically been a shining example
[26:05] of artistic integrity if only mod ghost
[26:09] could be so good
[26:10] no i'm only joking mod ghost uh come up
[26:13] on stage and present award
[26:14] um just do me a favor and don't turn it
[26:16] purple all right
[26:31] unbelievable okay uh next up is the
[26:34] golden gnome for best artists
[26:36] there are artists that we see come back
[26:38] month after month
[26:39] week after week and they just astound us
[26:42] with the quality of their artwork
[26:44] um so without further ado the finalists
[26:46] are
[26:50] angelscape
[26:59] legends art
[27:05] presleek
[27:09] and smix goes whale
[27:16] and the winner is presley
[27:20] [Applause]
[27:25] [Music]
[27:27] is president here
[27:37] [Music]
[27:46] uh
[27:49] okay first off if i say something stupid
[27:51] i'm really jet-lagged right now so i
[27:53] apologize in advance that actually
[27:55] probably counts as saying something
[27:56] stupid but
[27:56] whatever um but honestly i
[27:59] love making these comics week after week
[28:02] because of you guys like all the
[28:03] feedback you guys
[28:04] give and all the kind words the support
[28:07] like
[28:08] it's honestly it's difficult for me to
[28:10] put into words how much
[28:11] the community really i honestly if i
[28:13] could i would give each and every one of
[28:15] you guys one because really it's you
[28:16] guys that motivate me every week to
[28:18] work on this even if i have to stay up
[28:20] till 5am to finish it on time
[28:22] but honestly thank you guys you guys are
[28:24] awesome
[28:25] give it up for presley
[28:35] awesome absolutely love that artwork
[28:38] like a personal favorite of ours in the
[28:40] office like
[28:40] genuinely stunning stuff all the time so
[28:43] now
[28:44] it is the cosplay awards
[28:47] [Music]
[28:48] ever since runefest one where we started
[28:51] with we started with a few
[28:53] humble st skill capes and party hats
[28:55] hats
[28:56] perhaps new idea for content there party
[29:00] hap i don't know what it is but we'll
[29:01] work it out
[29:02] anyway you've wanted a common costume
[29:04] whether it's some strange fetish or not
[29:06] i don't know
[29:07] but who doesn't want to see an old man
[29:09] who's totally covered himself in blue
[29:11] paint to look like sarah doman
[29:13] you know actually once we got paul gower
[29:15] to paint himself blue and pretend to be
[29:17] a genie for an office panto
[29:18] and believe me those are pictures that
[29:20] you want to see but no one will ever get
[29:22] to see them unless you get me really
[29:24] drunk later
[29:25] any again seeing hog yes that's a
[29:28] promise right
[29:29] excellent again seeing our creations
[29:32] literally spring to life
[29:34] is really something else and it's great
[29:36] to give something back to the people
[29:38] who quite often spend thousands of hours
[29:40] on their costumes props and weaponry
[29:42] so to choose a winner let's get two of
[29:45] our own who like to hide behind robes
[29:47] it's the man whose head is so big it
[29:49] could have come dressed as tusca
[29:51] and still look too large and the woman
[29:53] who's currently fending off at least 200
[29:55] inappropriate advances from the front
[29:57] row
[29:58] alone is mod osborne and mod luna
[30:10] um hello everyone i thought you were
[30:13] going to help me onto the stage
[30:14] i'm not going to i know you asked me to
[30:16] and then i just went never mind
[30:18] hello everybody so i get dressed up so
[30:21] often that actually felt like
[30:22] you know felt like dressing up just
[30:24] coming in jeans so this is really good
[30:26] feeling so apologies for not mod i like
[30:27] it
[30:28] but uh we got mod luna as uh lindsay
[30:30] barry's lindsay so i think we've done
[30:32] pretty well there do you want to do a
[30:32] little cow walk
[30:33] yeah i can do a catwalk i said okay
[30:35] marvelous work
[30:37] okay this is where i expect the
[30:38] inappropriate conference
[30:41] compliments
[30:44] okay so cosplay has changed this year
[30:47] and for the better
[30:48] so we have changed the the way it works
[30:51] a little
[30:51] make it fairer yeah we want to make it
[30:53] fairer we wanted to make it better we
[30:54] wanted to really acknowledge
[30:56] the hard work that goes into all of
[30:59] these costumes and
[31:00] obviously a clapometer doesn't really
[31:02] cut it exactly
[31:04] so um we have a player vote and a player
[31:07] winner
[31:07] and a j mod vote and a j mod winner so
[31:10] we're going to start
[31:11] by grabbing or bringing up the top five
[31:14] from your player votes these people have
[31:17] put in a stellar amount of work so
[31:19] please do applaud them as they come up
[31:20] so i'd like to first invite mitch for
[31:23] osrs defense pure cosplaying
[31:37] interesting was so unconvinced that he
[31:39] would win
[31:41] oh come on up come on up so we want you
[31:44] on stage we also want
[31:46] amblin with serene
[32:06] anything especially anything runescape
[32:08] and so it also like donza
[32:10] in the terelith armor
[32:14] i really like your flippers t's cuts for
[32:18] the nomad
[32:18] cosplay
[32:24] and send for primal armor
[32:36] that is a hell of a chinchompa
[32:52] okay okay you all voted
[32:56] with your chips today you voted which
[32:59] one you like the most
[33:00] and we have the results in now would you
[33:02] like to do the do the honours
[33:03] oh am i allowed to do the honours am i
[33:05] okay so get it right not like
[33:07] uh archie this particular winner
[33:10] um that's very mean he's only there look
[33:13] he's going to cry now
[33:15] he loves it look at it
[33:18] so this particular winner was the one
[33:20] that you guys voted for
[33:22] so again we really wanted to include
[33:24] don't show the card guys
[33:27] i'm not showing the card okay so i'm
[33:29] just going to get straight to it so
[33:30] your winner is tease cut
[33:46] so t would you uh like to do a little
[33:48] catwalk for us as well
[33:51] no
[33:54] i did not expect that
[33:58] i wanna gonna shower again this year
[34:05] i don't know what to say this is all
[34:07] deserving now here
[34:14] thank you very good see you again next
[34:17] year
[34:19] there's nomad is truly the old man that
[34:21] he looks like
[34:22] here we go i've got your ball oh wait
[34:27] i saw where you just put that i'm not
[34:29] touching it
[34:30] i think i improved it okay so
[34:33] the way this works is that we now did a
[34:35] jag expo so we had
[34:36] a council of five that put together
[34:39] their favorites
[34:40] three of the people on the stage get to
[34:42] remain and then
[34:43] we bring on another two so i would like
[34:46] t
[34:46] skip to remain on the stage send to
[34:49] remain on the stage
[34:52] oh and who else should we go for ambling
[34:56] so i'm sorry the remaining two i
[34:59] apologize
[35:00] would you please leave the stage how
[35:03] dispirited give them some applause for
[35:05] their fantastic work
[35:09] the chinchompa alone why is that not on
[35:12] the jagex store
[35:15] anyway okay so we add some newbies to
[35:18] the list
[35:18] uh one of them was my choice i pushed
[35:21] for this and pushed for this but it was
[35:23] an appropriate push i might add uh
[35:25] with vodka please come onto the stage
[35:39] [Music]
[35:42] we also would like to invite one more to
[35:44] the stage as well
[35:46] so i'm really sorry we don't actually
[35:47] have your player name apologies
[35:49] but would the lovely lady dress to sally
[35:52] like to come up as well
[36:12] even barefooted look at that so
[36:15] i mean we'll go through a bit of our
[36:17] thinking you know uh vlog could be
[36:19] yeah i mean you chose something that was
[36:21] perfect for roone fest and also
[36:23] terrible food fest because everybody
[36:24] thought you're a penguin do you want to
[36:26] take us through the outfit
[36:27] yeah um i literally put it together last
[36:29] night that's not what we want to hear
[36:31] for cosplay thank you very much
[36:35] sorry you look wonderful i mean i asked
[36:37] if you could move
[36:38] have you been able to move drink eat
[36:42] a little only a little she may faint
[36:44] right here she had some soup earlier and
[36:46] bread
[36:47] i'm not disgusting i'm not going to ask
[36:49] he's good to talk anymore
[36:50] i apologize sam it's beautiful it's a
[36:53] wonderful piece of armor can you take us
[36:55] through it
[36:55] um i started it last year right after
[36:58] runefest
[36:59] and finished it the night before i left
[37:01] on tuesday
[37:02] so no cramming or rushing for this at
[37:04] all
[37:06] and wonderful sally so what made you
[37:08] choose sally
[37:10] do do i really have to answer that like
[37:13] have have you seen the picture
[37:14] have you seen the game you're a
[37:16] wonderful marketing promotion thank you
[37:18] very much
[37:19] you can join my team way okay so um we
[37:22] deliberated for
[37:23] literally minutes uh five minutes i
[37:26] believe
[37:27] and we have picked our winner so please
[37:29] we have so
[37:31] our winner the jmo choice is
[37:34] sen
[37:45] thank you um i just really want to go
[37:47] have a shower now with
[37:53] thank you very much for our glorious
[37:54] finalists
[37:55] [Applause]
[38:03] that's fine awesome right let's just
[38:05] have a round of applause for
[38:07] everybody who took the effort to come
[38:09] here in costume today
[38:15] i mean honestly it is a fantastic thing
[38:18] seeing our creations come to life i
[38:20] absolutely love it so
[38:22] you know every year the standard goes up
[38:25] and up
[38:26] and up and it's fantastic to see so
[38:28] please do make the effort come in
[38:30] costume
[38:31] and it's not all completely exhausting
[38:34] you are like they do need a shower i'm
[38:37] sure
[38:37] just based on the smell they've left
[38:39] behind but there we go
[38:41] anyway now we're on to the community
[38:44] champion previously won by legends like
[38:48] per
[38:48] and princess ray this award is all about
[38:51] those people that go an extra mile to
[38:53] make everybody else's game better
[38:55] whether organizing charity events
[38:57] leading huge clans
[38:59] or simply helping out noobs who got lost
[39:01] on their way to the ge
[39:02] these people put others needs before
[39:05] their own and act better than any
[39:07] tutorial we could ever create
[39:10] and to present the award here's the
[39:11] white knight the man behind the old
[39:14] school team
[39:14] my dear friend from the heady days of
[39:16] the high level forum
[39:18] it's mod matt kaye
[39:32] hello so i'm presenting the community
[39:36] champion award
[39:37] now there are some people who are not
[39:39] only part of the community but create
[39:41] communities around themselves
[39:43] they become an inspiration for many an
[39:45] aspiration for others
[39:47] not only does this person entertain the
[39:49] runescape community on a regular basis
[39:51] they also use their popularity to make
[39:52] the world a better place for their work
[39:54] with charity
[39:55] and through supporting new up-and-coming
[39:57] streamers
[39:59] i'm joined here by aggie shepherd from
[40:01] middle and cancer research
[40:02] support to present the community
[40:04] champion award
[40:05] to boy
[40:12] [Applause]
[40:27] i think i might have given the game away
[40:28] a bit wandering around um
[40:30] room fest today and a bright green
[40:32] macmillan t-shirt
[40:33] um but adam you know what you and your
[40:36] followers have done in the last three
[40:38] years is incredible
[40:39] but this year was just epic 78
[40:43] 000 pounds i mean it was just
[40:50] unbelievable
[40:55] macmillan team we're watching you on
[40:57] your charity stream
[40:58] and next year we are delivering all the
[41:00] mcdonald's that you want for your
[41:02] charisma
[41:04] so least we can do um but on a serious
[41:06] note when we were looking at the stream
[41:08] we saw how many of the donations and the
[41:10] comments were about cancer
[41:12] and how cancer affects us all
[41:16] excuse me so whether it's you personally
[41:20] that suffer whether it's somebody in
[41:21] your family a friend or
[41:23] somebody on the online community cancer
[41:26] can have a devastating effect
[41:28] macmillan cancer support provides
[41:30] support
[41:31] right from the moment that you think you
[41:32] might have cancer through the treatment
[41:34] and beyond
[41:35] we're there to support people to try and
[41:37] keep their life as normal as possible
[41:40] adam what you've done and the amount
[41:42] you've raised in just a few
[41:43] hours can help fund a macmillan cancer
[41:47] information and support centre for a
[41:48] whole year
[41:50] so thank you
[42:07] but there's more because adam
[42:10] you do a lot of work for macmillan
[42:12] behind the scenes as well
[42:14] and macmillan adam has been instrumental
[42:18] in creating a fantastic new event
[42:20] macmillan game changers
[42:22] and without your support we couldn't
[42:24] have done it without you in the first
[42:26] year last year that event
[42:27] raised 110 000 pounds
[42:31] this year we're now at 300 000 pounds
[42:34] thanks to the support that you've given
[42:36] us
[42:39] so i can't thank him enough adam thank
[42:42] you so much
[42:46] thank you
[42:49] uh reminds me of the first runefest i
[42:51] came to in 2014 i got an award that i
[42:53] had
[42:54] absolutely no idea even basically
[42:56] existed and i won it was a lifetime
[42:58] achievement award i won that year and
[43:00] i've just won another one
[43:02] which i try my best in my position
[43:05] um to help out everyone one thing i say
[43:08] is i don't see the runescape community's
[43:10] competition
[43:11] i see it as a community and i think
[43:13] everyone should help each other
[43:14] and i feel i'm in a very strong
[43:16] situation to help as many people
[43:17] as i possibly can and i do try my best
[43:20] to do that
[43:21] um i don't even know what to say i
[43:23] actually don't actually know what to say
[43:24] on behalf of that one but no mcmillan
[43:26] cancer support i chose that charity in
[43:28] 2014.
[43:29] um and the first one was so amazing that
[43:31] i just
[43:32] be i made it an annual event and this
[43:34] one like i said in the speech before
[43:36] blew my mind to raise 78 000 but i just
[43:39] want to say
[43:40] it wasn't me alone that raised that
[43:42] money it was the community
[43:43] and if it was just me it would not have
[43:45] raised up to 78 000 it's probably people
[43:46] in the crowd
[43:47] that supported the stream and there's
[43:49] people watching that support the stream
[43:51] you guys equally have all put together
[43:54] to raise that amount of money so i don't
[43:56] think it's just for me i think it's for
[43:57] all of you guys as well thank you all
[43:59] very
[44:06] come much
[44:10] awesome right we're really into the meat
[44:12] of the awards now just a few more epic
[44:14] awards to go through
[44:16] before we get to party hard and head to
[44:18] the achievement party
[44:19] anyone go to the achievement party later
[44:22] awesome right good
[44:25] next up is the hall of fame awards a
[44:28] special award for players right at the
[44:30] top of our high scores tournament
[44:32] ladders
[44:33] or special game modes now these players
[44:35] are really the pinnacle of the runescape
[44:37] skill tree
[44:38] with accounts most of us can only dream
[44:40] of and to present the first award for
[44:42] the hall of fame
[44:43] please welcome the man whose lifetime
[44:45] ambition it is to break the world record
[44:47] for the longest jagerbomb train it's
[44:50] modmak
[44:53] [Applause]
[44:59] would anyone like a jagerbomb later yeah
[45:03] outside um so the hall of fame award is
[45:06] open to the most
[45:07] dedicated and the best of the best
[45:10] this year runescape saw the addition of
[45:12] the invention skill
[45:14] which shook up the runescape high scores
[45:16] and opened up
[45:17] to some brand new leaders the newest
[45:20] member
[45:20] of the runescape hall of fame is lamai
[45:34] unfortunately lamar can't be here today
[45:36] so we will be sending their golden gnome
[45:38] and a jagerbomb through the post thank
[45:44] you
[45:52] that's how you spell that name right
[45:55] and now it's time for the old school
[45:57] hall of fame
[45:58] so here's a man who needs no
[46:01] introduction
[46:02] aside from this one genuinely one of my
[46:04] favorite j-mods to work with
[46:05] the man with the mug god ash
[46:18] hello this year's old school inductee
[46:22] for the hall of fame
[46:23] is one of the most accomplished fighters
[46:25] ever seen in runescape
[46:27] whatever boss challenge we've created
[46:29] over the years he's there
[46:31] inventing new ways to solo it or one
[46:33] item it
[46:34] or just beat it to death with a bunch of
[46:36] flowers for his unrivaled genius in
[46:39] combat
[46:40] we'd like to give this year's award to
[46:47] [Applause]
[46:54] wooks
[46:58] [Applause]
[47:01] thank you everyone i wasn't really
[47:03] expecting to win a golden gnome this
[47:05] year but
[47:06] i guess i won it and yeah you can expect
[47:10] to see
[47:11] more pvm stuff in the future and more
[47:14] methods that i can figure out thank you
[47:26] okay and now it's time for our last
[47:29] award
[47:30] and this is a special recognition award
[47:33] and for that i'm going to need to invite
[47:35] someone extra special to help
[47:37] so let's welcome to the stage our
[47:39] special great special guests
[47:41] from special effect
[47:51] thanks guys hello everyone how you doing
[47:54] you alright
[47:56] fantastic fantastic um it's been such an
[47:59] honor to be here today as the guests of
[48:01] jagex at this fantastic event
[48:03] um i've met so many of you had a chance
[48:06] to say hello
[48:07] uh in in the real world rather than just
[48:09] online which has been a massive
[48:11] privilege
[48:12] and um the overwhelming feeling that we
[48:15] get when we come to
[48:16] to this event is is the warmth and and
[48:18] generosity of this
[48:20] particular community as is a very
[48:23] small and specialist charity but
[48:27] i think amongst the people in this room
[48:29] are people that genuinely understand
[48:32] why it is so important that we do what
[48:34] we do
[48:35] for those of you who still aren't aware
[48:37] of what special effect do we help the
[48:39] most severely people
[48:40] disabled people in this country to play
[48:42] video games and to play the video games
[48:44] that they want to play
[48:45] which for them makes a huge difference
[48:47] in their lives improves their social
[48:49] lives
[48:50] uh can have very important therapeutic
[48:52] effects and just generally improves
[48:54] their
[48:54] their quality of life so uh for your
[48:57] support in helping us do that
[48:59] please give yourselves a massive round
[49:00] of applause
[49:03] [Applause]
[49:09] we're 100 reliant on community
[49:11] fundraising
[49:13] and we are 100 reliant on the money that
[49:16] you guys raise
[49:18] game blast is our biggest fundraising
[49:20] event in the year
[49:21] and jagex and the runescape community is
[49:24] the biggest contributor to that event
[49:26] this year you raise over a hundred
[49:28] thousand pounds for special
[49:30] effects it was so much money in fact
[49:32] they told me earlier that they thought
[49:33] the mechanic that added up all of the
[49:36] different donations had broken
[49:37] and gone completely haywire the money
[49:40] and the number was going up so quickly
[49:42] so for that we are very delighted to
[49:46] today announce that there is going to be
[49:48] a special
[49:49] golden gnome within the game available
[49:53] in the legends guild from 7pm and that
[49:55] is for everyone in this room and for all
[49:57] the players
[49:58] so on behalf of special effects and all
[50:00] the people that we help with thank you
[50:01] so much
[50:02] you're all winners tonight of the golden
[50:04] gnome thank you
[50:14] right okay well that is it
[50:17] thanks for making this year's golden
[50:19] gnomes extra awesome and a huge
[50:21] congratulations to all the nominees
[50:23] and the winners and just give us a
[50:25] little while longer to get this
[50:26] venue right here transformed into party
[50:29] central
[50:29] but there's the achievement party
[50:31] starting at 7 30 there's a chill
[50:33] out area being built and a massive after
[50:36] show party
[50:37] right here and right now there's loads
[50:40] of food ready or almost ready
[50:41] outside for you to all go and eat so
[50:44] i'll see you all later on
[50:45] i've been mod mark and behalf of myself
[50:48] and the room fest team
[50:49] woot is out