Transcript of Golden Gnomes - YouTube Exclusive Montage

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] hello everyone my name is european fox
[00:09] and these are my shorts do you know if
[00:22] i'm any of these folks around here go to
[00:24] port sir bring em round and round I
[00:34] don't know where that is often more
[00:36] super glue do you do any of a damn boat
[00:49] ride round head like ports are indeed it
[00:51] out no um while brim haven how much
[00:55] would a bit round 22 Sarah's dammit vs
[00:59] samoa i want to work out loud with like
[01:08] laughter because i lost my strength
[01:10] potion the lovers church um please go
[01:13] get it for me get to the chapel now what
[01:17] are you doing quiet that I'm setting up
[01:20] a trap to catch you you know I'm not
[01:22] going to that trapper oh my god bear me
[01:25] stupid bears hello this is how will you
[01:29] mad bro covering the first ever golden
[01:31] dome awards do you think it's gonna be
[01:33] extense transformers players in disguise
[02:03] hey dude wanna go to a house party yeah
[02:07] let's go to ya know I want to go to ya
[02:08] know you want to go to ya know I want to
[02:09] go to a party wanna break it down like a
[02:11] little new watering whoo whoo ok so
[02:23] what's the fastest way to handle oh I
[02:25] have a yeah no porto at my house cool
[02:28] where's your house yeah no evil turn
[02:30] spirit hug for Sarah christopher salmon
[02:33] eggs and tricks correction dress do you
[02:36] must be the adventure from a parallel
[02:37] universe yeah well I am I'd sell the
[02:40] great ruler escape rune wait I thought
[02:44] evil Bob the cat rules gabru not add so
[02:47] the gray-haired old guy silence you
[02:48] squash cabbage leaf I'm filling in with
[02:50] he's vacationing at his private island
[02:51] what is your name I've always referred
[02:54] you as bear oh oh my god you have the
[02:57] same name is my mom hello your borders
[03:03] for too long it is time for you to pay
[03:05] your debt I knew this day would happen
[03:09] can I access my grind exchange fees any
[03:14] last words before I kill you died you
[03:19] get rid of him
[03:31] the bid the bitter this is basically
[03:36] super goo
[03:49] were you it's not really a dolphin dirt
[03:55] tastes fantastic we're digging it see
[04:00] that time you more than you log on to be
[04:03] together modo ma tastes stale is stale
[04:09] that's got hair jelly wailed on me hey
[04:14] mod MMG yeah let's chat about if your
[04:31] daughter catches Bieber Bieber fever
[04:34] chop off her head with a meat cleaver so
[04:39] if you go swimming this summer make sure
[04:42] you bring plenty to the insurance
[04:54] salary