Transcript of Golden Gnomes - A helping hand pt3

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:06] excelled back again with five random
[00:08] tips for advanced effects number one
[00:12] have your acting friends cast wind
[00:13] strike with the runes to get their
[00:15] characters to turn in place
[00:17] number two use the pan/crop option to
[00:20] zoom your camera shots closer or get
[00:22] some side-to-side movement on a
[00:23] stationary recording
[00:26] number three use the lawn in your player
[00:28] owned house with grunt effects turn off
[00:30] to give your actor a green screen
[00:32] background while i doing emotes
[00:35] number four use the chroma keyer option
[00:38] to create a green screen effect as well
[00:40] as the pan/crop option is to create
[00:42] overlays these allow you to create
[00:44] animation images that you can move on
[00:45] top of your background video
[00:49] number five if you're using too many
[00:51] layers for animation or text overlays
[00:53] compile that part of the video down into
[00:55] a new clip and use that to add on the
[00:57] next set of overlays
[01:02] and now five things not to do in your
[01:04] video
[01:06] number one don't use copyrighted
[01:08] material you're just asking to get it
[01:10] taken down or your youtube account
[01:11] banned plus it's not very original
[01:13] anyway number two don't have runescape
[01:16] interface elements private text chat or
[01:21] mouse clicks showing up in your video a
[01:25] distraction reaction it just screams
[01:27] unprofessional
[01:29] number three don't have words not
[01:32] matching audio if you're using text
[01:34] overlays this shouldn't be too much of a
[01:36] problem but it'll still make the quality
[01:37] look bag if actions and words don't
[01:39] match up with a spoken audio or sound
[01:41] effects number four don't overdo the
[01:45] special effects in your video it can
[01:47] distract from the content of your video
[01:48] and possibly evoke epileptic seizures
[01:50] and your viewers number 5 don't miss
[01:54] match the volume in your sound files try
[01:56] to keep the volume of each file around
[01:58] the same level for some characters won't
[02:00] be here while others will blow eardrums
[02:02] boom
[02:11] you