Transcript of Golden Gnome Video Awards - a helping hand pt 2

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] xcel back again with five quick tips for
[00:07] video planning and filming
[00:10] number one keep an online notebook or
[00:12] cell phone file where you can log in
[00:14] from anywhere and keep notes sometimes
[00:16] inspiration for a video or even a small
[00:18] joke will hit at any time it's nice to
[00:20] have access to a place to get log in
[00:22] from anywhere and store these ideas from
[00:23] later
[00:24] number two try to script out our
[00:26] storyboard as much of your video ahead
[00:28] of time as possible everything from
[00:30] camera angles to costumes to locations
[00:32] it'll make filming go a lot faster if
[00:34] you already have a plan number three
[00:37] study videos of real-life movies TV
[00:39] shows and presentations see how the true
[00:42] professionals do things and then think
[00:43] of ways you could duplicate that style
[00:45] in a machinima video number four
[00:48] remember that you cannot tell the
[00:49] difference between people in a machinima
[00:51] video it's very easy to use standards to
[00:53] act as yourself or anybody or have
[00:55] several people play the same role number
[00:58] five review your scripter idea with some
[01:00] close friends you might be able to rule
[01:02] out bad joke before anybody actually
[01:03] sees them or extend to sing that your
[01:05] friends enjoy sometimes your friends
[01:07] might even come up with better ideas
[01:08] than you can
[01:10] and now five quick tips for voice acting
[01:13] and sound number one remember that audio
[01:16] is half of your video always try to have
[01:18] some sort of song or ambient noise at
[01:20] all times you wouldn't have long periods
[01:22] of blank space for your visuals so don't
[01:24] do the same for your sound number two
[01:26] don't overdo the sound effects what is
[01:29] the kind of natural as possible and not
[01:31] distracting the video number three use
[01:35] sound filtering options on your video
[01:37] recording software to remove any
[01:38] background noises from your speech
[01:40] recordings
[01:41] number four when voice acting over act
[01:44] as much as possible as it will actually
[01:47] sound more authentic and less like
[01:48] you're reading off a page like this
[01:50] video
[01:52] number five you could use a little bit
[01:54] of voice manipulation to make your voice
[01:56] sound like a different person but don't
[01:57] overdo it you work somewhere cold war or
[02:00] at shipment sometimes it's just easier
[02:02] to talk in a lower voice naturally
[02:12] you