Transcript of Golden Gnome Video Awards - Machinima Short Story Category

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] [Music]
[00:08] man it's lonely out here Oh finally
[00:14] someone to talk to where are we we're
[00:16] somewhere south of our city my friend it
[00:19] seems like a nice place to live for the
[00:20] rest of our lives
[00:21] ha I wish that were true what do you
[00:23] mean well Varrick is a very
[00:26] overpopulated city therefore many of us
[00:28] trees get cut down all the time are you
[00:29] serious how long do we have to live well
[00:32] actually before you got here I spawned
[00:34] next to this guy for about seven minutes
[00:36] then I saw woodcutter come and the next
[00:38] thing I knew the guy was gone
[00:39] can't remember actually I just
[00:40] remembered a big boom sound and he was
[00:42] gone that doesn't necessarily answer my
[00:44] question though well if you want to be
[00:46] technical the guy before you said the
[00:48] average was three minutes well you've
[00:50] been here for like what 10 minutes now
[00:52] yeah I'm surprised I'm still here too oh
[00:55] my god they're coming man this spot
[00:59] looks good I'm close to leveling nice I
[01:07] can't feel my legs
[01:09] oh wait I'm a tree you hear something
[01:11] hear what like tiny scream part what no
[01:24] I did it sure man stop coating us you
[01:37] should have been done already but I
[01:38] guess need to work your level suck dude
[01:40] this is taking too long I only have
[01:42] three logs yeah I only have six logs
[01:44] let's find a new spot alright
[01:48] it's over yeah yeah for now at least Oh
[01:52] what the heck man oh I remember now the
[01:55] other guy before you burn to death
[01:57] because I got scared and farted a fire
[01:58] on him when I saw a human why
[02:02] man it's lonely out here okay Marty
[02:23] c'mere Stuart money c'mere I will not
[02:30] request assist you for your effort a
[02:36] [Music]
[02:38] we'll give you all my inheritance if you
[02:40] come listen to the story alrighty then
[02:46] was only August 2010 I was a lot of
[02:55] things hush it was August 2010 and I
[02:59] just loved finding things the ultimate
[03:01] prize the golden dome it was my life's
[03:06] goal to obtain this it all started when
[03:08] I entered the cave of mysterious wonders
[03:12] also known as the other grandpa's inside
[03:15] the cave I was approached by a giant no
[03:18] no
[03:22] so this gnome was all like don't enter
[03:25] full and then I was all like I do what
[03:28] they want homeboy and everyone these
[03:30] ball things before magical stick
[03:32] drivable
[03:33] trained a couple of mining level attack
[03:36] again by some rough monsters sewed them
[03:38] with my bare hands like a hole for no
[03:40] reason avoid deadly traps with my
[03:41] amazing agility did it cause we puzzle
[03:44] on hard and finally there I was the
[03:47] golden know I approached it and I lived
[03:52] off a trap diamond spawned in lumbridge
[04:18] hello guys my name is tree 1 and this is
[04:21] tree - so we're here to say thanks to
[04:24] everyone who liked the video and voted
[04:25] for us trees yeah we wouldn't be here
[04:28] without you so oh no not again
[04:35] hello everyone out there
[04:37] thank you all for voting for me and I'm
[04:38] glad you enjoyed the video I'd like to
[04:40] thank all my friends for helping me and
[04:42] I'd like to thank the entire jagex team
[04:44] for making such a great game bye
[04:46] everyone