Transcript of Golden Gnome Video Awards - Live Action Short Story Category

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:14] hello quiz mafia and welcome to the
[00:17] biggest quiz show on runescape old one
[00:19] out the quiz show that takes random
[00:21] citizens of runescape from the
[00:22] day-to-day tasks to puzzle them with
[00:23] ottoman our challenges and let's meet
[00:25] today's contestants hey I was killing
[00:28] goblins interesting welcome I is knob
[00:31] 1872 where am I you're on the quiz show
[00:34] odd one out whoop can I just go back to
[00:37] killing goblins not until you have
[00:39] answered the questions question 1 which
[00:43] of the following is your one out the
[00:48] ring I'm afraid that's a wrong answer
[00:50] the antral answer is this loaf of bread
[00:52] because he other items a mine I
[00:54] pickpocketed this from you anyone's
[00:56] looking what hey give that back oh sorry
[01:02] i can't under the next question which is
[01:05] the odd one out easy the candle wrong
[01:12] how is that wrong because I say so but
[01:16] that's the candle and those a clue
[01:18] correct but the reason the art was wrong
[01:20] is because these two are hot ruff ruff
[01:24] ruff ruff this is stupid rating say
[01:29] otherwise last question
[01:37] are you completely mad look just a
[01:40] little drunk by the way this show is
[01:42] sponsored by dwarven stout ah so what's
[01:48] your answer oh I don't know that fish ah
[01:52] wrong he was so simple as well it was a
[01:55] knife unfortunately today you got all
[01:58] three answers wrong so I'm afraid to say
[02:01] you don't leave here with anything
[02:02] woohoo crazy salman zaidi will you do
[02:06] the honors what you're going to love
[02:09] this box
[02:18] you
[02:41] you
[02:56] you
[03:54] hi
[04:39] hi my name is Chris many of you know
[04:42] Mia's one camera and if you option is
[04:44] that probably means I've just on the
[04:45] golden Awards the live action short
[04:46] story personally thank you to everyone
[04:48] who voted for me and made as possible I
[04:50] would also like to thank jagex and
[04:52] although I'm for Jo Jo spent years
[04:53] developing game after all motor instead
[04:55] would have meant no golden knights
[04:56] finally I'm like thank everyone else
[04:58] went into gold names in great see how
[05:00] created the community could be goes to
[05:02] show that written skates more than the
[05:03] game this is the first major competition
[05:05] I've ever won in my life so again thank
[05:07] you to everyone involved in the golden
[05:09] so unreal