Transcript of Golden Gnome Video Awards - Live Action RSMV Category

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] bye
[01:32] you
[01:42] you
[01:54] once that guy's phone
[02:49] are you guys making a video oh yeah
[02:52] what's it to you can I be in it um can I
[02:56] get some friends to be in it whoa okay
[03:20] yep all right we should probably go
[03:44] alright I'm back so what'd I miss man I
[04:08] wish we would have won I mean for once I
[04:11] thought that our video was actually
[04:12] going to amount to something this year
[04:13] all that hard work and nothing to dude
[04:16] we want oh wait what we did yeah dude
[04:20] dude come on screen with me I ok we'd
[04:24] like to thank jagex our friends and we
[04:26] like to thank the academy for this award
[04:27] we'd also like to thank our family and
[04:29] includes whiskers wow thank you again
[04:31] everybody oh man I feel so good like I'm
[04:34] on top of the world yeah man we're just
[04:36] the top of the cat