Transcript of Golden Gnome Video Awards - Animation Short Story Category

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[01:34] mine was
[02:05] you
[02:14] you
[02:24] it began with the creation of the world
[02:27] by the great gods
[02:52] yet for all their power they could not
[02:57] share their own creation so began the
[03:09] corners
[03:39] garlic's
[03:40] not of balance of work from his slum and
[03:44] banished the gods from the realm
[03:53] as ages past the world entered an era of
[03:57] peace but this was not tonight mankind
[04:02] sought to continue what the gods had
[04:05] begun first of all thanks to everyone
[04:39] who voted for me I couldn't have won
[04:41] without you and secondly thanks to all
[04:45] my YouTube fans for showing so much
[04:46] interest in my video and sometimes even
[04:49] helped me and last but not least special
[04:54] thanks to my little brother for making
[04:56] some super awesome sound effects and in
[05:00] a really nice musical soundtrack for my
[05:03] video and well show my gratitude and
[05:07] I'll upload a special surprise soon on
[05:10] YouTube so stay tuned