Transcript of Gods Grace Upon You

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Missionary and the player.


  • Player: The Zamorakians and mercenaries are harboured near the Purists.
  • The Missionary: Ridiculous - an armada of hired swords, fanatics and heretics, all looking to burn down some small towns and their half-built church. Rotten cowards! I would ask for a ship to defend the island, but it won't turn the tide. We have to use our heads instead of our fists.
  • Player: Are you feeling alright?
  • The Missionary: Everything in my life has led to this one point. I have a plan that will save lives AND destroy a spiteful and vicious evil. It might even restore me in the eyes of Hyu-Ji.
  • Player: It's good to see that there's at least a little self-interest in your plan!
  • The Missionary: Hey, I'm a changed man, but not that changed! The weak link in our enemy is the mercenaries, and I intend to take advantage of it.
  • Player: How?
  • The Missionary: A mercenary's loyalty lies within his wallet. I was given gold by Brother Jered - enough to employ workers to build the church, and more besides. I... saved the money by getting the orphans to work for free. We could use that gold to encourage a double-cross. The Purist and Zamorakian forces are currently camped near the Purists' headquarters. What do you think?
  • Player: It's a fine plan! The ship's ready when you are.


  • Player: They were wiped out? Entirely?
  • The Missionary: Not entirely, but they're not likely to be causing trouble any time soon. 'When the white rain comes, the fleets of our enemies will be sunk'. The Purist and Zamorakian forces are crippled. I think we've managed to add a little extra security to the region. And it seems that word of the battle has got back to the orphans. They finished the church. The whole, blasted thing!
  • Player: I can't think of who spread that news around.
  • The Missionary: And my first congregation had several orphans who had previously cursed me. They may not be so sure of me, but they're willing to listen. I'm grateful to - whoever might have helped me. I'm considered a friend of the people, which is unexpectedly pleasing. I've always gone with respect and fear, rather than regard.
  • Player: You might find it works better.
  • The Missionary: Aye, it's worth a try. No doubt I'll pass through here again, but until I do, I thank you.
  • Player: It's been a pleasure.