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Goblin Village goblins[edit | edit source]

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

Conversation 1

  • Goblin: Brown armour best!
    • Player: Err ok.
    • Player: Why is brown best?
      • Goblin: General Wartface and Bentnoze both say it is. And normally they never agree!
    • Player: But you're still wearing green armour!
      • Goblin: Um... my brown armour in the wash.

Conversation 2

  • Goblin: What you doing here?
    • Player: I'm here to kill all you goblins!
      • Goblin: I kill you!
      • (Goblin becomes aggressive)
    • Player: I'm just looking around.
      • Goblin: Me not sure that allowed. You have to check with generals.

Conversation 3

  • Goblin: I kill you human!
    • (Goblin becomes aggressive)

Conversation 4

  • Goblin: Go away smelly human!
    • (Goblin becomes aggressive)
    • (If there is an opposite coloured goblin near them)
      • Goblin B: What you call me?
      • Goblin A: Not you, him!
      • Goblin B: I kill you!
        • (Both goblins become aggressive towards each other)

Conversation 5

  • Goblin: Happy goblin new century!
    • Player: Happy new century!
    • Player: What is the goblin new century?
      • Goblin: Goblin century mark year of big battle on plain of mud. That when Big High War God give us commandments.
        • Player: Who is the Big High War God?
          • Goblin: Big High War God take goblin people and make them strong! Without him we small and weak and stupid. But thanks to Big High War God we most powerful race in Gielinor!
          • Player: Umm... you're clearly NOT the most powerful race in Gielinor.
          • Goblin: Not to doubt word of Big High War God! I kill you!
            • (Goblin becomes aggressive)
        • Player: What are the goblin commandments?
          • Goblin: Slay enemies of Big High War God! Not show mercy! Not run from battle! Not doubt word of Big High War God! Without commandments we not know right from wrong. We be like other races who not know war is good!
            • (Goblin becomes aggressive)
        • Player: Where is was the plain of mud?
          • Goblin: That goblin secret! No human ever find plain of mud!
            • (Goblin becomes aggressive)
      • (If an opposite coloured goblin is near them at any point)
        • Goblin B: You not tell human secrets!
        • (Both goblins become aggressive towards each other)

Fighting each other[edit | edit source]

  • You ugly!
  • You smell like human!
  • You coward!
  • You weak!
  • I kill you!