Transcript of Go With the Flow

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Memory and the player.

Before Voyage

  • Player: I've arranged another voyage for you, Kami - this time to The Scythe. I think you'll like it. I know that you've been spending more time with Surula, and her family comes from that region.
  • The Memory: Surula's family? It would be good to spend time with a living, breathing family, rather than just a memory of one. Surula has always been good to me. She even let, I shouldn't mention that to the Portmaster.
  • Player: She let you what?
  • The Memory: Promise she won't get in trouble? I mean, technically I've only existed since Guthix died, but I have the memories of an ages-old god, so I'm not a child...
  • Player: Just tell me, Kami...
  • The Memory: She let me have a sip of beer. I mean, it was disgusting and I spat it right out! I won't do it again - honest! Please don't tell her I told you - I don't want to get her in trouble. She said I should seek out new experiences, and it felt good to try it...even if it was gross.
  • Player: Hahaha! It's okay, Kami. I don't think the usual rules apply to you. I think spending time with Surula's family will be good for you.

After Voyage

  • Player: How was it?
  • The Memory: I had a surge of feeling as we arrived in The Scythe. Like the feeling I get from the divination craters, but without the desire to obliterate myself! The captain said there are lots of sea creatures in that region. It must be them - they must have a strong connection to the Anima Mundi! I could feel a connection, like we were made of similar stuff. And they're sad, so very sad. Their sadness filled me up and I felt it with them.
  • Player: Oh, Kami...
  • The Memory: It's okay! I think it was Guthix's sadness, not mine. I can tell when my emotions come from Guthix rather than me. This time I agree with those feelings. Whatever's making the sea creatures sad, I want to stop it.
  • Player: That won't be easy with Kakashi still chasing after you. Speaking of, I've found out more about him. He used to be a follower of the god Bandos. I'm afraid that means he's not going to give up easily. We'll need to do something about him, and soon.