Transcript of Go Among the Heathens

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Missionary and the player.


  • Player: Tomlin, you ready to build the church in the Arc?
  • The Missionary: Yes and no. I'm ready, but I'm not building it in the Arc region. Brother Jered may want to build it there, but he's a fool if he thinks it's the best place. 'Saradomin's light is strongest in the dark.' Book of the Light, 7:32. There's no place more absent of light than the Skull Islands. That's where we're building the church.
  • Player: Would Brother Jered be pleased that you disobeyed his orders?
  • The Missionary: Jered knew what he was getting from me. I'm a holy soldier of Saradomin - I make people respect and fear Saradomin. You think He would employ me as a builder? I was never going to just build the church and leave. I have arrived, and I am going to be THE Saradominist priest of the Eastern Lands.
  • Player: It sounds like you've been planning this for a while.
  • The Missionary: I've been waiting for the opportunity; 'behaving'. Now, this church, these people - they're mine. This will be my starting flock.
  • Player: I hope you aren't planning anything that I might have to stop.
  • The Missionary: We should both hope that. I'm no slouch with a mace.
  • Player: Well, you should get ready, the ship's about to leave.


  • Player: So, you found a spot.
  • The Missionary: That I did. Enough room to swing a mace, and plenty to preach to. Hyu-Ji's home to the sea orphans. You might have heard of them. They're halfway between human and fish, covered in gills, fins and tentacles. As the Book of Light says, 'Saradomin brought light to the plants and beasts of the field'. Well, these are MY beasts. And there's the prospect of violence - a great deal of it, in fact.
  • Player: Why would that be suitable?
  • The Missionary: Ha! I'm not one to flinch from the harsher duties. The sea orphans have hidden there, having being[sic] raided by slavers and poached by soothsayers. But their biggest threat is the Purists. They see the orphans as an affront; mutants to be wiped out. Which worries the sea orphans, and they have no faith to give them hope. 'There was no light in their eyes, and the lack of hope was their downfall'. Yes, I will be good for these people. And I'll get the opportunity to bash a few skulls with my mace. The skulls of their enemies, of course.