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This transcript involves dialogue with Gnome trainer and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

Starts dialogue with one of the following lines:

  • Gnome trainer: This is training, soldier. Little time for chat! What do you want?
  • Gnome trainer: This is a serious training area, What[sic] do you want?
  • Gnome trainer: This isn't a grannies' tea party. What do you want?

Continues with:

  • What do you want to say?
    • What is this place?
      • Player: What is this place?
      • Gnome trainer: This, my friend, is where we train and improve our Agility. It's an essential skill.
      • Player: It looks easy enough.
      • Gnome trainer: If you complete the course, from the slippery log to the end, your Agility will increase more rapidly than by repeating just one obstacle.
    • What's so special about this course, then?
      • Player: What's so special about this course, then?
      • Gnome trainer: Well, it's where most people tend to start training. We've also made an extension for those who are up for the challenge.
      • Player: An extension?
      • Gnome trainer: It's a challenge that I think is a bit out of your depth. I'll give you more information when you're slightly more experienced.
      • You need an Agility level of 85 to attempt the improved gnome course.
    • I'm done for now.
      • Player: I'm done for now. Bye.
      • Gnome trainer: Bye for now. Come back if you need any assistance.

Lines while doing obstacles[edit | edit source]

Walking across the log balance:

  • Okay get over that log, quick quick!

Climbing over the first obstacle net:

  • Move it, move it, move it!

Climbing the tree branch:

  • That's it - straight up

Walking on the balancing rope:

  • Come on scaredy cat, get across that rope!

Climbing over the second obstacle net:

  • My Granny can move faster than you.