Transcript of Glutton for Nourishment

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When I swing through town
In my bacon gown
I'm Notorious P.I.G.
I'm a snouted stallion
With a pork medallion
And an onion ring or three

Never be afraid of what they'll say
Dance in your pig suit every day
There's joy inside a bacon duffle
And a great big pocket to hold your truffles

I got the swill
to pay the bills
On the decks you'll see pork scratching.
I mince to the beat
in my tailored meat
Like swine flu, the tune is catching.


When life's getting rough
Chow down on a truff'
I need no encouragement.
I'm the king of the banquet
In a bacon blanket,
A glutton for nourishment.


It's understandable
To have a wet mandible
When I'm wiggling my hind.
It's clear from this song
There ain't nothing wrong
With a coat of bacon rind.