Transcript of Glorious Memories journal entry

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  • I spoke to Manni in the long hall of Rellekka. He's organising a birthday feast for Chieftain Brundt and he wants me to invite King Vargas of Miscellania and Mawnis Burowgar, the Burgher of Neitiznot.
  • It doesn't sound like the invitees will come. I should return to Manni in Rellekka.
  • Manni wants me to speak to Chieftain Brundt, who is also in the Rellekka long hall.
  • Having spoken to Chieftain Brundt, I must reconcile the three old friends.
  • I now have all the directions I need to find the scene of the battle and work out what happened.
  • Chieftain Brundt has given me his part of the directions to the cave. I need to find out who took the prophecy tablet and tell him.
  • I showed the unfinished astral rune to Chieftain Brundt and established that a mysterious mage was in the adventuring party. Now the Chieftain will now come to the feast; I must get the others to agree then tell Manni.
  • I need to speak to King Vargas of Miscellania to see how I can help him.
  • Vargas has given me his part of the directions to the cave. I need to find a way to turn him back into a human.
  • I've killed the yeti and found an old herb pouch. Perhaps the owner can help me cure King Vargas.
  • I've spoken to the spirit of Asleif, who needs her herb pouch to help turn King Vargas back into a man.
  • I must fill a vial with water from the mountain spring, then add irit. I must grind the diamond root and enchant it as though it were diamond jewellery, adding that to the mix with some yeti hair. Once the potion is ready, I should give it to King Vargas.
  • King Vargas is cured! Once I have persuaded the others I must tell Manni that he will come to the feast.
  • I need to speak to Mawnis Burowgar of Neitiznot to see how I can help him.
  • Mawnis has given me his part of the directions to the cave. Once I've investigated there, I need to speak to his sister, Freygerd, in Jatizso.
  • I've put Nial to rest and found his rune throwing axe. I should go to Freygerd on Jatizso.
  • Freygerd would like me to have a word about taxes with King Gjuki.
  • I've spoken to the King, now I should return to Freygerd.
  • Freygerd wants me to find something of Nial's by which to remember him.
  • Freygerd is happy. I should tell Mawnis on Neitiznot the good news.
  • Mawnis Burowgar is happy to come to the feast. Once the others agree I must tell Manni.
  • Now that everyone has agreed to come to the feast, I must speak to Manni in Rellekka so that he can begin.
  • Perhaps I can find the owner of the unfinished astral rune. If I lose it, I should speak to Chieftain Brundt in Rellekka.
  • The unfinished astral rune belongs to Baba Yaga. I gave it back to her in return for the prophecy tablet that was found by the party.