Transcript of Ghosts from the Past

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Starting the miniquest[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Gully, are you ready to tell me about that Captain Cora?
    • Accept
      • When starting the miniquest off of The Island That Were Once Turtles
        • Quartermaster Gully: Just... not here. There's something I need to see with my own eyes. Eye. Whenever yer ready, cap'n, let's sail to the Turtles - I'll tell ya there.
        • Player: The turtles?
        • Quartermaster Gully: As in 'The Islands That Once Were Turtles'. Nobody got time to say all that, so we just say 'Turtles'. There's an abandoned skulls fort there. That's where I lost my Cora
        • Player: Okay, next time we're there, we'll talk.
      • When starting the miniquest on The Islands That Were Once Turtles
        • Quartermaster Gully: It is kinda personal, butt aye, cap'n, I'll tell ya the relevant parts. You see the abandoned Skulls fort over there? That's where I lost my Cora.
    • Decline

Talking to Gully again[edit | edit source]

  • Quartermaster Gully: Talk to me again when we're in the Skulls fort on the Turtles.

Talking to Gully on The Island That Were Once Turtles[edit | edit source]

  • Ghosts from the Past miniquest.
    • Who is Cora to you?
      • Quartermaster Gully: She's my wife, cap'n. Least she use ta be. Her real name is Coraline. Never did take my last name - she's a proud woman, that one. But I loved her all the same. She's a westerner like both of us, moved out this was as a kid with her family. Her dad was a trader, see, moved 'em all to Waiko. When we met, we'd often go spot birds along the coast. Things were simple back then, and we were happy. But then I lost her, and it broke me. Haven't been the same since. Can't talk to lasses anymore without thinking of her. Cuts me up like glass in me rum, it does.
      • Player: Well, that explains a lot of your...oddities.
      • Quartermaster Gully: Aye, the extreme pirate stuff. Kinda went overboard on that. Overcompensating, I know. People laugh at the old man, I know that too - I ain't stupid. But it helps me, so I do it anyway.
    • What happened to Her?
      • Quartermaster Gully: Her dad took their whole family out on a trip to Tuai Leit. She was only gonna be gone a couple weeks, though that felt an age to the two of us. It was more dangerous back then what with so many sea monsters about. People travelled in fleets for safety. But it weren't monsters they needed to worry about.
      • Player: What happened to them?
      • Quartermaster Gully: They were gone less than a day when word got back to Waiko they'd been hit by pirates - them damn Skulls, no less. So brazen they'd raid a fleet o'ships in broad daylight! I signed up with a crew to search for survivors. The few we found said the Skulls had killed anyone that resisted, took the rest for selling into slavery.
      • Player: And presumably brought them to this fort, right?
      • Quartermaster Gully: Aye.
    • Why are we at this fort?
      • Quartermaster Gully: 'Cos this is where she I thought. Soon as I got back from the rescue effort I set ta work. I took any job I could, saved up for a ship of me own. I built me crew. I made contacts with some bad people to get information on my Cora. Eventually, I got in contact with a Skulls pirate, negotiated a deal to buy back her freedom and set a rendezvous here on the Turtles.
      • Player: But pirates can't be trusted...
      • Quartermaster Gully: Ha! Try telling that to a young [male deer] chasing after a lost love, cap'n. I was blinded by love, figuratively speaking, and then literally half-blinded by pirates. Soon as I arrived, they told me she got killed in an escape attempt, stole my ransom money, stabbed me a buncha times and left me for the fish. Yet somehow I survived, got picked up by another crew. Made me way back to Port Sarim and haven't been back east 'til I fell in with you. I guess Jed's raid lit a fire under me I thought'd died a long time ago.
      • Player: Thank you for sharing this with me, Gully.
      • Quartermaster Gully: Aye, but let's not speak of it with the rest of the crew.
    • What's she up to now?
      • Quartermaster Gully: I don't rightly know, cap'n. Did ya see that key tattoo on her arm though? That's a badge of honour in these parts - shows someone who bought their freedom from slavery. And she claimed to be doing all that in the name of the khan of Goshima. My guess is that's where she ended up. Goshima bought a lot of slaves back in the day. You know, before they isolated themselves from the rest of the Arc. Musta found a way to earn her freedom back. She coulda come back ta me, but for whatever reason she stayed, and now she captains that grim Harbinger, buying slaves herself. All I know is she's not my Cora anymore.
    • Enough questions. Let's move on.
      • Player: Right, well, I'll look around the fort and see what I can find...
  • The Island That Were Once Turtles.
    • [Normal dialogue]
  • Farewell

Talking to Gully again[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Er, so, what exactly are we looking for here?
    • Quartermaster Gully: Honestly, cap'n, I don't have a clue. This place is long dead. I guess I'm just hoping there's something ta find.
    • [Leads back to previous questions]

Searching the fort[edit | edit source]

Skulls Pirate[edit | edit source]

Top of Western watchtower (West of entrance)

First conversation[edit | edit source]

  • Player: This place is really starting to depress me.
  • Skulls pirate: Urgh, you and me both, mate.
  • Player: Argh! You can talk!
  • Skulls pirate: So can you, mate, but you don't hear me screaming like a little girl.
  • Player: B-b-but you're a pile of bones.
  • Skulls pirate: You're on the slim side yourself, pal. Don't be judging. It's not my fault.
  • Player: Okay, I'll bite...unless, maybe I did nibble on a wushroom and this is all a hallucination? Anyway, who is at fault?
  • Skulls pirate: The screaming little girl, like I was saying. You don't listen much, do ya?
  • Player: Which little girl?
  • Skulls pirate: What was her name again? Carla, Caroline...
  • Player: Cora?
  • Skulls pirate: Yeah, that's it - she did this to me.
  • Player: Who are, were you? Were you a Skulls pirate?
  • Skulls pirate: Yeah. The name's Pete, mate. Used to live in this here fort, now I'm just trapped in it.
  • Player: From what I've seen of your gang, that would sound like justice to some people.
  • Skulls pirate: You sound just like her. 'This is justice', she says. I had no idea who she was at first. You see a lot of faces in the kidnapping game, don't remember any of 'em. She knew us, though. Said we'd taken her when she was young, killed her folks, sold her to Goshima. Then she did this to us and left.
  • Player: What did she do to you?
  • Skulls pirate: It's too traumatic to talk about, mate. Ask one of the others.
  • Player: I'm just going to leave you to it...

Subsequent conversations[edit | edit source]

  • Skulls pirate: I don't wanna talk about it, mate. Cora, that girl we sold to Goshima, she's the one who did this to us.

Talking to Gully[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I've found the still conscious remains of a Skulls pirate. I'll search for others.
  • [Leads to previous chat options]

Skulls Mercenary[edit | edit source]

Top of Eastern watchtower

First conversation[edit | edit source]

  • Player: A lot of bad things must have happened here.
  • Skulls mercenary: You don't know the half of it, pal!
  • Player: Argh! Y-y-you're a talking pile of bones!
  • Skulls mercenary: And you're a talking bag of gas. You gonna listen to my story or what?
  • Player: No need for insults. What's your story, then?
  • Skulls mercenary: Captain Cora - that was her name. She's the one who did this to us. Trapped our minds in our bones, cursed us to this eternal torment. This musta been, like, twenty years back now. Just showed up one day, how'd you do, then cursed us like that was nothing.
  • Player: Then what?
  • Skulls mercenary: She left. We didn't chase her, though - didn't feel like it. Didn't feel much of anything from that day on. Then slowly, one by one, we all just died...but somehow also kept on living. Then we started decomposing, yet still here in our heads. Now we're all just bones.
  • Skulls mercenary: [sic]
  • Player: Yet you can still think and talk? And feel?
  • Skulls mercenary: Don't feel nothing, mate. Like I said, haven't in a long time. We're all just stuck here, not moving on, not going anywhere.
  • Player: That's horrific. I mean, you Skulls pirates are reprehensible, but still.
  • Skulls mercenary: I know, right. She must have learned some serious necromantic magic. She could at least have just turned us into normal zombies. Then we could at least have carried on our piratical ways. This is just cruel. Leave me to my torment, mate.

Subsequent conversations[edit | edit source]

  • Skulls mercenary: Captain Cora knows some serious necromancy, mate. Don't get on her wrong side like we did.

Talking to Gully[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I've talked to the conscious remains of two Skulls pirates now. I'll see if there's another.
  • [Leads back to previous chat options]

Skulls Thief[edit | edit source]

Roof of observatory

First conversation[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Ha! Looks like some 'Skulls' still live in this fort.
  • Skulls Thief: No need to make a joke of it, buddy - that's just mean. We're people too ya know!
  • Player: Argh! Oh no, wait, I'm not shocked anymore.
  • Skulls Thief: Wow, I can't even creep people out these days. Thanks a lot, that's all I had going for me
  • Player: Fine, what's your story then?
  • Skulls Thief: Me, I was so proud - I'd only just passed the gang's initiation! I was gonna be a pirate like my dad before me, and my dad's dad too. But then SHE came along and ruined it. I wasn't even born when whatever happened to her, er, happened to her. It ain't my fault!
  • Player: Who was 'she'?
  • Skulls Thief: That's just it - I had no idea? Never seen her before. Says she was the khan of Goshima's lieutenant. Says she'd earned her freedom and came back here to exact revenge on us Skulls. I'd done nothing, buddy, like I said. Told her that too, but she didn't care, then 'zap'! she turns me into this. That's just, like, really unfair, ain't it? I didn't even get a chance to kidnap and ransom people. Not cool. I'm too depressed to talk about it.

Subsequent conversations[edit | edit source]

  • Skulls thief: I've told you all I'm gonna - this is the doing of the khan of Goshima's lieutenant.

Returning to Gully[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I've found and talked with the cursed remains of a few Skulls pirates now. If we take them at, er, face value, then we know Cora was sold to Goshima, but earned back her freedom. That along the way she's learned some sort of necromantic magic and returned here to get revenge on her parents' murderers. She also became the right-hand woman of the khan of Goshima, her most trusted Lieutenant.
  • Quartermaster Gully: I think we've found anything[sic] here there is to find, cap'n. Cora's picked up some skills over the years...and something of an ironic mean streak. She's not a woman to cross. But then she never was, not even in youth. I reckon if we see her again I might be able to get through to her. Let's get off this dead rock, cap'n. There's too many bad memories for me here.
Miniquest complete.