Transcript of Ghosts Ahoy journal entry

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  • I have spoken with Velorina, who has told me the sad history of the ghosts of Port Phasmatys. She has asked me to plead with Necrovarus in the Phasmatyan Temple to let any ghost who so wishes pass over into the next world.
  • I pleaded with Necrovarus, to no avail.
  • Velorina was crestfallen at Necrovarus' refusal to lift his ban, and she told me of a woman who fled Port Phasmatys before the townsfolk died, and to seek her out, as she may know of a way around Necrovarus' stubbornness.
  • I found the old woman, who told me of an enchantment she can perform on the Amulet of Ghostspeak, which will then let me command Necrovarus to do my bidding.
  • I brought the old woman the Book of Haricanto, the Robes of Necrovarus, and a translation manual.
  • The old woman used the items I brought her to perform the enchantment on the Amulet of Ghostspeak.
  • I have commanded Necrovarus to remove his ban.
  • I have told Velorina that Necrovarus has been commanded to remove his ban, and to allow any ghost who so desires to pass over into the next plane of existence. Velorina gave me the Ectophial in return, which I can use to teleport to the Temple of Phasmatys.