Dialogue for Ghostly piper

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If you are not wearing a Ghostspeak Amulet:

  • Ghostly piper: Woo, wooo. Woooo.
  • The ghost seems barely aware of your existence, but you sense that resting here might recharge you for battle!

If you are wearing a Ghostspeak Amulet:

  • Who are you?
    • Player: Who are you?
    • Ghostly piper: I play the pipes, to rouse the brave warriors of Saradomin for the fight!
    • Player: Which fight?
    • Ghostly piper: Why, the great battles with the forces of Zamorak, of course!
    • Player: I see. How long have you been standing here then?
    • Ghostly piper: Well, it is all a bit fuzzy. I remember standing at the front of the massed forces of Saradomin, and playing the Call to Arms, but after that I can't quite recall.
    • Player: I think you've been here for quite some time. You do know you're a gh- No, never mind, you look happy enough here, and your music is quite rousing. I might rest here a while.
      • (displays previous options)
  • That's all for now.
    • Player: That's all for now.
    • Ghostly piper: Be strong and fight the good fight, my friend!