Dialogue for Ghost (Falador)

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Before starting the quest[edit | edit source]

  • The ghost doesn't respond.
  • Speak to Closure near the portal to Death's office, next to the Draynor Village lodestone, who will be able to offer more information.

When first spoken to[edit | edit source]

  • Ghost: The moon - it was so bright; so full. It was beautiful. Even as I died, I admired it.
  • Ghost: There is a monster in Falador. It must be unmasked.
  • Ghost: Follow.
  • The ghost moves southward...

Before helping[edit | edit source]

  • Ghost: I was slain by a werewolf. A painful death. I can feel them, upstairs in the Rising Sun Inn. Avenge me.

Upstairs[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hmm, all of these people look shifty. I'll need to talk to them to see if I can learn the identity of the werewolf terrorising Falador.

After helping[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I found out who the werewolf is! It was that tea-drinking Daniel, but they got away from me.
  • Ghost: They may have escaped you, but I saw the direction they ran. I expect a good haunting will soon bring me the rest I require.
  • You dismiss the ghost and its story has been added to your book. You also gain a ghost treat!
  • (If this was the fifth ghost story discovered:)
    • You have discovered five ghost stories. Return to Closure to collect a reward!