Dialogue for Ghost (Burgh de Rott)

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Before starting the quest[edit | edit source]

  • The ghost doesn't respond.
  • Speak to Closure near the portal to Death's office, next to the Draynor Village lodestone, who will be able to offer more information.

When first speaking to her[edit | edit source]

  • Ghost: Tick. Tock.
  • Ghost: We don't have time for this...
  • Ghost: Tick. Tock.
  • Ghost: Where did I put those parts again?
  • Ghost: Tick. Tock.
  • Ghost: My diary...
  • Ghost: Tick. Tock.

Before completion of the clockwork heart[edit | edit source]

  • Ghost: The parts. Where did I put them?
  • Ghost: Tick. Tock.

At completion of the clockwork heart[edit | edit source]

  • You have assembled what seems to be a fully functional clockwork heart.
  • Ghost: That noise...
  • Ghost: Tick!
  • Ghost: and a tock!

After assembling the heart[edit | edit source]

  • You hand the ghost the mechanical h eart and she looks at you in astonishment.
  • Ghost: I gave her a new ticker!
  • Ghost: I knew it would work...
  • You dismiss the ghost and its story has been added to your book. You also gain a ghost treat!
  • You have discovered X/10 of the ghost stories.