Dialogue for Gerrant

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Normal dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Gerrant: Welcome! You can buy fishing equipment at my store. We'll also buy anything you catch off you.
    • I want to find out how to catch a lava eel.
      • Gerrant: Lava eels, eh? That's a tricky one, that is. You'll need a lava-proof fishing rod. The method for making this would be to take an ordinary fishing rod, and then cover it with fire-proof blamish oil.
      • If Gerrant has already told you that
        • Gerrant: Of course, you knew that already.
      • Player: So where can I fish lava eels?
      • Gerrant: Taverley dungeon or the lava maze in the Wilderness.
      • (dialogue terminates)
    • Let's see what you've got then.
    • Sorry, I'm not interested.
      • Player: Sorry, I'm not interested.
      • (dialogue terminates)

Related to Treasure Trails[edit | edit source]

My name's a tirade, fishing is my trade, by the docks is where my fortune is made.

  • Gerrant: You've done it!
  • Gerrant has given you another clue scroll.