Transcript of George Sampson checks in on RuneScape

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] my name is George Thompson and back in
[00:05] 2008 I wonder reality TV show corporates
[00:08] Got Talent fergenson today I'm in a
[00:12] jacket studios to come to visit they are
[00:15] my childhood dream of visiting we're in
[00:17] today
[00:25] eleven years old Sculptra escaped and it
[00:29] was basically through my friends that
[00:32] over-promised my loafer so it was just
[00:35] kind of hustling down for it
[00:39] so we met multiple cell and he was kind
[00:43] of showing student common our system
[00:44] it's amazing it's completely and utterly
[00:46] amazing I didn't actually know where I
[00:48] was going to sit there learn it and play
[00:50] it and fight my best friend
[00:52] what a great up there that's gonna be
[00:53] and the family you can have two weapons
[00:55] and all the new combos and all the new
[00:58] tricks and stuff this it's gonna take
[01:00] kind of PvP in the whole situation to
[01:02] another level back home it's yes
[01:05] together we don't want to visit graphics
[01:07] department and we kind of you know we
[01:08] saw it from the drawer into the actual
[01:10] the anime employment to the game scene
[01:11] where it all fits in and to see that was
[01:15] real real surprise as well that's a real
[01:16] treat you then recorded some dance moves
[01:18] or things to be animated pizza
[01:21] characters I can't do the dance move and
[01:23] then we put it to the game that's
[01:25] probably my favorite there I think to
[01:27] know that something I'm doing is gonna
[01:30] be involvement something I'd love to
[01:32] play for somebody else but the fun is
[01:34] himself for it that was probably the
[01:36] more challenging birthday so far because
[01:41] I just don't make enemies and when they
[01:44] said you have to make a noise and just
[01:46] earth girls and stuff that's not me
[01:49] really challenging
[01:51] in just playing the game you would never
[01:54] expect to kind of to ever know what's
[01:57] not behind it how people are watching
[01:59] you I mean they don't be like watching
[02:01] you were watching out for you with
[02:03] engine trouble and stuff it's only two
[02:04] o'clock I mean I never knew how much
[02:06] goes into that and you know how much
[02:08] care there is for the players coming
[02:10] from the people here like that was
[02:12] really surprising very good it's so much
[02:14] better than I expected
[02:15] so much better I never thought I'm a
[02:18] star I mean all the different
[02:20] departments and you know the bits it
[02:22] really surprised me the bits that you
[02:23] wouldn't expect to be surprised by kind
[02:26] of the customer support side of things
[02:28] themself or anything yeah every one more
[02:31] time you can you can see that just from
[02:33] being