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This transcript involves dialogue with Geoffrey and the player.
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Player Hello there. You look busy.

  • Geoffrey Yes, I am very busy. Picking GLORIOUS flax. The GLORIOUS flax won't pick itself. So I pick it. I pick it all day long.
    • Player Wow, all that flax must really mount up. What do you do with it all?
      • Geoffrey I give it away! I love picking the GLORIOUS flax, but, if I let it all mount up, I wouldn't have any room for more GLORIOUS flax.
        • Player So, you're just picking the flax for fun? You must really like flax.
          • Geoffrey 'Like' the flax? I don't just 'like' flax. The GLORIOUS flax is my calling, my reason to live. I just love the feeling of it in my hands!
            • Player Erm, okay. Maybe I can have some of your spare flax?
              • Geoffrey No. I don't trust outsiders. Who knows what depraved things you would do with the GLORIOUS flax? Only locals know how to treat it right.
                • Player I know this area! It's, erm, Seers' Village. There's a pub and, er, a bank.
                  • Geoffrey Pah! You call that local knowledge? Perhaps if you were wearing some kind of item from one of the seers, I might trust you.