Dialogue for Gargoyle (familiar)

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Dialogues[edit | edit source]

  • Conversation 1
    • Gargoyle: Scrape! (Yer a good listener, Player. I can be open wit'you.)
    • Player: Sure, I mean, have we talked before?
    • Gargoyle: Scrape! (I feel I can offload all dese things that have been weighin' me down.)
    • Gargoyle: Scrape! (Like guano. Bats could defecate anywhere, but they aim for us 'goyles. They AIM!)
    • Gargoyle: Scrape! (And moody heroes. Why do dey have to stand on us and survey the horizon? What is wit' that?)
    • Gargoyle: Scrape! ('Dis is good. I feel better. We should talk again next week.)
  • Conversation 2
    • Gargoyle: Scrape! (Oi, you. We need to talk 'bout rock hammers.)
    • Gargoyle: Scrape! (We 'goyles don't talk 'bout it. But I feel I can talk to you.)
    • Player: Um, thanks?
    • Gargoyle: Scrape! (But we 'goyles SHOULD talk 'bout it.)
    • Gargoyle: Scrape! (Say I attacked you now wit' a flesh hammer. Pounded you wit'it.)
    • Gargoyle: Scrape! (It would do nothin'. It might damage yer dignity a bit.)
    • Gargoyle: Scrape! (So what's wit' a gargoyle, made a stone, getting killed by a hammer, made a stone? Makes no sense!)
    • Player: I have no idea where to take this conversation.