Transcript of GameBlast 2015 - a thank you from Special Effect

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] I am big Donegan CEO of special effect I
[00:07] just want to say a massive thank you
[00:09] again to jagex and their community for
[00:13] raising a massive 50,000 pounds to help
[00:16] my charity special effect and to tell
[00:18] you about the difference that that's
[00:19] helped us make since earlier this year
[00:22] you've helped us to buy more equipment
[00:23] to loan to more people you've enabled us
[00:26] to modify more equipment so that it
[00:28] suits each individual person that we
[00:30] help you've enabled us to team up the
[00:32] developers to modify their games so that
[00:34] more people can play them you've helped
[00:37] us to be able to create more training
[00:38] materials and videos so that with all of
[00:41] those things together were not just
[00:43] helping people within the UK but you are
[00:46] helping us to make games more playable
[00:48] and more enjoyable for people with
[00:51] severe disabilities all over the planet
[00:53] so roll on game blast 16
[01:12] you