Transcript of GameBlast15 Highlights!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:18] okay blast 50 right here a jug X HQ
[00:34] of course we're raising money for an
[00:36] amazing charity but we've got an excuse
[00:37] to play games for 25 we want one of you
[00:44] guys to come and join us yes we're going
[00:46] to bring you to the party I think we're
[00:55] actually getting ready to witness skill
[00:57] specs taking on one of these goats
[00:59] really good luck can we get something
[01:02] always about it okay jump it jump wait
[01:04] for the hippo I just want to say what
[01:07] I've got a great guy Fantasia is he's
[01:09] flown all the way from Canada you've
[01:10] donated a loader your own money flash of
[01:12] two HS of 28 so you just won yourself a
[01:15] t-shirt well done these old just get
[01:17] progressively more insane nothing
[01:34] oh wait quit are literally hope
[01:39] everyone's donated so much like
[01:41] sidewalks
[02:05] ha
[02:09] we are literally walking over fire for
[02:13] your donations
[02:22] bring it over here we go 10 mil get low
[02:25] I could like I'm gonna amputate mush
[02:27] mush all the way oh come on 10 mil in
[02:31] the back it'll do the other driver Emily
[02:33] get the watch
[02:52] Oh
[02:57] well I think all this left to do reality
[02:59] is obviously pastor the baton on but
[03:00] also give a massive and applause for our
[03:02] everybody who donated every single
[03:04] person