Transcript of Fur 'n Seek journal entry

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  • I have spoken to the Odd Old Man and have agreed to collect furs for him, so he can make some stuffed animals for Varrock Museum. I should check which ones he needs.
  • The Odd Old Man has instruced[sic] me on which furs to collect and how to prepare them. I must go to the Fremennik Province and kill animals for their skins, hides or furs, and scrub the skins with rock salt, which I can get from any of the Slayer masters. Then I must put some logs in the fire pit next to the Odd Old.
  • Man's shack, stretch the furs on the rack of ribs next to the fire pit, then light the fire. This will prepare the furs.
  • I have given the last of the skins to the Odd Old Man. I should go back to him for a reward.
  • The Odd Old Man has given me a reward. I will see if I can find any more bones from his wish list and take them to him if I do.
  • I gained 2 Quest Points, 2,500 Constitution XP, 2,500 Slayer XP, 1,500 Prayer XP, 500 Crafting XP and 500 Firemaking XP.
  • Although I have completed this quest, the Odd Old Man is still looking for bones for the museum.
  • I must find whole, unbroken bones matching the description given on the wish list pinned to the outside of his shack, and put them into a pot of vinegar. I can buy vinegar from Fortuno to in Draynor Village. I must then put some logs under the pot boiler, put the bone in vinegar on it, and light the logs. This will clean the bone.
  • I have completed both of the Odd Old Man's wish lists. I should talk to him again.
  • The Odd Old Man wants me to meet him up the stairs to the east of his shack. I should bring food, armour and a weapon in case something goes wrong.
  • The Odd Old Man's exhibit is in fact an enormous, evil, animated, skeletal monster! It's a new body for the thing that was in the Odd Old Man's bonesack - a skeletal horror! I should defeat it before it escapes and tries to take over the world!
  • I have defeated the skeletal horror. I should talk to the Odd Old Man.
  • I have spoken to the Odd Old Man and have been rewarded for completing his bone collection and defeating the skeletal horror.
  • If you chose to receive the ram skull:
  • I gained an enhanced ram skull helm, 10,000 Slayer XP and 7,000 Prayer XP.
  • If you chose to receive the bonesack:
  • I gained an enhanced bonesack, 10,000 Slayer XP and 7,000 Prayer XP.
  • I have agreed to help the Odd Old Man with defeating the skeletal horror each time he has rebuilt it, which will be one week after I last defeated it.
  • If you have not defeated the skeletal horror after reset on a Wednesday:
  • I can fight the skeletal horror when I am ready.
  • If you have defeated the skeletal horror after reset on a Wednesday:
  • I will next be able to fight the skeletal horror in X days.