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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] RS Video Community tips for new players
[00:08] So, you've just started playing RuneScape. Big, isn't it?
[00:12] But with these few pointers, we hope to make your first days
on RuneScape a little bit easier, however you choose to play.
[00:18] We're members of RuneScape's YouTube community, and these are our tips.
[00:23] First things first - check your connection
[00:31] Always make sure you have a good internet connection.
[00:34] You wouldn't want to log out when fighting a tough opponent!
[00:40] If you don't want to get lost, check your world map.
[00:45] By clicking on the world icon, you can open up
the map. This map displays the whole map of RuneScape.
[00:50] By double clicking, you can set a marker. After the
marker has been set, now it will appear on the minimap.
[00:54] This way, you'll never get lost again.
[00:58] Want to get around quickly? Activate your Lodestones.
[01:02] Try to activate all the Lodestones you can. Not only are they free teleports,
but most of them don't have any requirements, so it's an easy way to travel.
[01:10] There are seven free to play Lodestones in the following locations.
[01:12] There's one in Lumbridge,
[01:14] Al Kharid,
[01:15] Draynor Village,
[01:16] Port Sarim,
[01:17] Falador,
[01:18] Varrock,
[01:19] and Edgeville.
[01:20] Those are the free to play Lodestones. None of these have any requirements.
[01:25] Now for the remaining eight members' Lodestones.
[01:27] There's one in Ardougne,
[01:28] Catherby,
[01:29] Yanille,
[01:30] Seers Village,
[01:31] Taverley,
[01:32] Burthorpe,
[01:33] Lunar Isle (this one requires you to complete Lunar Diplomacy),
[01:37] and the Bandit Camp (this one requires Desert Treasure).
[01:41] Remember: your basic tools are on your toolbelt
[01:45] New players are supplied with basic tools on
their toolbelt, which will help you get started.
[01:50] The belt includes tools such as pickaxes, hatchets
and various crafting and fishing tools.
[01:56] Back in my day we didn't have no fancy toolbelts.
[02:02] We had to carry everything in our inventories, yeah...
[02:10] Now it's time to use those tools: kill cows and tan hides.
[02:14] When starting out, try killing cows and tan their hides.
[02:18] Not only do you get combat experience while doing this,
you also earn a nice amount of money.
[02:22] A good place to kill cows in free to play is at the farm
north east of Lumbridge. Then go to Al Kharid to tan the hides.
[02:28] For members, it's suggested to kill cows at Taverley. Just north
of the bank, there are some cows and a tanner next to it.
[02:34] Now sell your hard earned items, head to the Grand Exchange.
[02:40] If you need to purchase a specific item, then head on over to the
Grand Exchange, which is located just north west of Varrock's west bank.
[02:46] The Grand Exchange is home to about anything you
could ever need to finish a quest or just train a skill.
[02:53] So now you're ready to go on an adventure
[02:58] Hello, most of you aren't beginners but if you are... do quests,
it's as easy as that. They give some pretty sick rewards.
[03:07] "For slaying the fearsome Elvarg I give you a Rune Platebody."
[03:14] "Thanks."
[03:14] And then once you're done with all the quests, there shouldn't
be a thing on RuneScape you won't know about. Happy questing!
[03:21] There's more to do than skilling and questing
[03:26] Don't be afraid to try new things in RuneScape.
[03:28] So if you don't like one thing, you may like something else.
[03:31] There's Smithing, Fletching, Prayer, Melee Combat,
Range, Magic, Agility, Thieving,
[03:36] Hunter, Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Castle Wars,
Soul Wars, Duel Arena, Mobilising Armies, wh-what?
[03:41] I think they get it.
[03:43] But I didn't name everything yet...
[03:44] There are loads of different things to do in RuneScape.
[03:47] Keep your variety open and have fun with whatever you want to do.
[03:50] Keep your account secure
[03:55] When you first start out, you should head over to the
Stronghold of Player Safety near Edgeville.
[03:59] It will teach you the best ways to keep your account and personal details safe.
[04:03] While you're down there, you might find some nice rewards.
[04:10] If you still need help, then head over to our help pages.
[04:16] You can get more tips and advice by visiting the official RuneScape forums.
[04:27] also be sure to check out the new RuneScape Support YT
channel. Links to both of these can be found in the description.
[04:36] Want to know more about video making? Click here.
[04:44] More info at