Transcript of From Nardah, With Love

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My dearest Davdwa,

I'm writing you this letter because I know you'll come home when you're done fighting. We won't be here and I need you to know why. Don't worry, we're fine, but Nardah isn't safe anymore. Pollnivneach was sacked just days ago. You can see the smoke from here. Survivors have been scrambling across the Elid ever since. It's overwhelmed our healers. Everybody in town is in a panic. Amascut take those filthy Kharidians and their damnable war! Why are they doing this? I'm scared, Dav. The kids are fine, but they miss you. It's not fair. You should be at home with us, not risking your life in the madness with the Kharidian scourge. May they drown in the Noumenon for all the suffering they've caused!

I need to tell you what's happening. The mayor has declared an emergency. We're evacuating, fleeing south past Jaleustrophos to Menaphos, where we'll be safe from the war. Elidinis protects Nardah no longer. The Kharidians are coming and we're defenceless. Its our only chance. I wish you were here, we miss you so much. I hope you're safe and that you find this letter. I'll look for you in Menaphos, my love. May the gods guide you back to us. We need you now more than ever.

Forever yours, Clarilou