Transcript of Froggi, the smithy's apprentice

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Froggi, the smithy's apprentice

Yesterday was the day! Jeffery the smith had finally agreed to start teaching me the fine art of creating weapons. After a few - er- mishaps with the Whetstone just randomly throwing weapons around the room, Jeffery decided it was time for me to just keep the fire burning bright in the furnace. I wasn't pleased to say the least, I wanted to make a great sword to slay dragons with!

Ooh! Or a great spear to impale those nasty cockroaches!

How does Jeffery make all those weapons without an anvil? I NEED TO KNOW!

Anyway, I've stoked many fires, so I was sure this was an easy job! I knew he wasn't pleased with my work so far, so I was going to impress him by making the fire burn greater than any fire before! The bellows were large and heavy, and the coal wasn't exactly light, but I wanted to impress Jeffery. Before long, there was plenty of black smoke everywhere. There were cries from the townspeople to stop, but I had the fire under control! It was just smoke, nothing to worry about! Jeffery had run outside, I assumed to get more supplies. I made sure that the fire was well tended!

Eventually, I ran out of coal, it was dark, and Jeffery still wasn't around, so I headed home for the night.

As I look out my window this morning, I realize I may have gone a little overboard... Can't wait to see what I learn today!

- Froggi