Dialogue for Frog Prince

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This transcript involves dialogue with Frog Prince and the player.

Normal dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Frog Princess: Ooh, hubby look - a visitor!
  • Frog Prince: I see him, sweetie. Welcome to the Enchanted Valley!
  • Player: Are you two royalty?
  • Frog Prince: Yes, we're His...
  • Frog Princess: ...and Her...
  • Frog Prince: ...Royal Frogness...
  • Frog Princess: ...and Frogness-ess. No, that doesn't sound right. Frogness-ess, maybe?
  • Frog Prince: I think 'Frogness' covers us both, darling.
  • Frog Princess: Of course it does, sorry, my mind got ribbited away there.
  • Player: Is the Enchanted Valley your kingdom?
  • Frog Princess: Oh no, silly. We rule over the Land of the Frogs.
  • Frog Princess: We're on our froggymoon!
  • Frog Prince: We just got married, see?
  • Frog Prince: As human and frog...
  • Frog Princess: ...until one of us croaks!
  • Player: Don't you need to keep kissing people to lift your amphibian curse?
  • Frog Prince: All the time! So why not just tie the knot instead of abducting random adventurers to do the honours?
  • Frog Princess: Oh, you make it sound so romantic.
  • Frog Prince: You know you're the only frog for me.
  • Frog Princess: Awww-ribbit[sic]
  • (End of dialogue)