Dialogue for Freygerd

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Reason: Dialogue is from after all Fremmenik quests are done.
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This transcript involves dialogue with Freygerd and the player.

Before The Fremennik Trials[edit | edit source]

  • Freygerd:I cannot speak to you outerlander! Talk to Brundt, the Chieftain!

After Blood Runs Deep[edit | edit source]

  • Talk about Nial
    • Player: I'm surprised to see you still here.
    • Freygerd: Well, I went to visit Mawnis a couple of times, but I'm just used to the atmosphere here. It's home.
    • Player: I have good news. I've been to the afterlife - long story - and Nial was there, safe and sound.
    • Freygerd: Oh, that's wonderful news! Thank you so much!
  • Talk about life on Jatizso
    • Player: How's the King treating you then?
    • Freygerd: Like serfs.
    • Player: Serf?
    • Freygerd: Yes, you know - peons, plebs, the downtrodden. He treats us like his own personal possessions.
    • Player: You should leave this place.
    • Freygerd: I keep trying to save up enough to leave, but the King keeps taxing us! We have no money left.
    • Player: Oh dear.