Dialogue for Franklin Caranos

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There are two dialogue options based on whether or not the player has metal sheets in their inventory.

If a player does not have metal sheets.

  • Franklin Caranos: Hello again, Player.
  • Player: Hello. How's the repair work going?
  • Franklin Caranos: I'm working on it. I can always do with more iron sheets, so if you've got any more, I'll give you 20 gp per sheet.
  • Player: Thanks, I'll remember that.

If a player does have metal sheet(s)

  • Franklin Caranos: Hello again, Player. Were you wanting to sell me that iron sheet? I'd give you 20 gp for it.
  • Yes, that'll do nicely.
    • Player: Yes, that'll do nicely.
    • Dialogue ends and player receives 20gp per piece of metal sheet.
  • No, I'd rather not.
    • Player: No, I'd rather not.
    • Franklin Caranos: That's ok.