Transcript of Fragmented Memories

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This transcript involves dialogue with Mr Mordaut, Skeka, Professor Alfredo, Associate Colette, Professor Salamander, and the player.

Inspecting the central platform of the Moksha device in Moksha ritual site[edit | edit source]

  • (If the myster hasn't been uncovered:)
    • Mystery Uncovered: 'Fragmented Memories'.
    • (Continues below)
  • Player: Well, this is different. I wonder what it was supposed to be.
  • Player: Let's see... It appears whatever it's supposed to do, it's not doing it now. Perhaps there's a piece missing that could restore it?
  • (If the player has a restored Master control in their inventory:)
    • Player: It looks like this master control may be the missing piece of the puzzle.
    • Place master control on the device?
      • Yes.
        • You place the master control in the device. You hear some noises from within as the device begins to activate.
        • Player: It worked!
        • Player: Okay, let's take a closer look at this... The platform is restored but something isn't working correctly still. Wait. What's this I see here? The device is using a collection of runic discs; discs of essence with rune elements infused into them. These discs can be rotated to create different resonant frequencies for magical energies. If I rotate the discs to the correct frequency it should calibrate the device for further investigation. Let's see what I can do...
        • Master control calibration interface opens up
        • (Continues below)
      • No.
        • (Dialogue ends)

Talking to Mr Mordaut[edit | edit source]

After discovering the mystery[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I've discovered a hidden ritual area beneath one of the ruined dragonkin villages. There's a strange device in there, but it appears as if part of it is missing.
  • Mr Mordaut: Hmm, perhaps there is an artefact in this place that is the missing piece to this puzzle. Is that not how this usually works?

After calibrating the master control[edit | edit source]

  • (Transcript missing. edit)

After experiencing the dream in the Moksha device and before adding the salamander to the Moksha device[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Using the master control, I was able to catch a glimpse of a memory from a dragonkin named Skeka. In it, she was ruminating on which test subject to use for this device. Then the device powered down again before triggering. I believe that was an in-built safety mechanism and the memory something of a warning.
  • Mr Mordaut: Hmm, from even the little I know about dragonkin machinery, using a test subject would be prudent, especially if its creator left such a warning within it. We need to be careful. Did she come to any sort of conclusion?
  • Player: I believe she landed on salamanders. Apparently, they share some physiology with dragonkin, which makes them a good stand-in. There do happen to be some yellow salamanders just south of the entrance to that Moksha ritual site too. Though, she was thinking of a way to calm them down, entrance them even. Normally, I would just catch and release them; I'm not sure how I would go about calming one down.
  • Mr Mordaut: Surely this Skeka character had some method. What artefacts have you found there on dragonkin?
  • Player: Let me think... There's a lingam stone, whatever that is, a personal totem and a singing bowl.
  • Mr Mordaut: A singing bowl, you say? I have something similar in my private collection. The ringing sound they make is quite soothing.
  • Player: I guess it can't hurt to try. I'll take a restored singing bowl with me next time I attempt to catch a yellow salamander.
  • (Dialogue ends)

After completing the mystery[edit | edit source]

  • Mr Mordaut: What news of the Moksha device?
  • Player: Before the device fully powered up again, Professor Alfredo recounted a new memory of Skeka's that he was seeing. Apparently, it led him to a way to access one part of the south-eastern temple. Something about a lingam stone.
  • Mr Mordaut: Aha, very useful! You should take a restored one to our team down there, open up access for them!
  • Player: That's the good news...
  • Mr Mordaut: And the bad?
  • Player: Professor Alfredo wanted a bit more glory than he let on. He wouldn't step out of the machine when we could see it was getting dangerous and...
  • Mr Mordaut: And...
  • Player: Well, at least we know what the machine does now. It, er, swapped the minds of the salamander and the professor.
  • Mr Mordaut: Hmm, that explains why Alfredo has taken up eating insects! Well, no worry, leave it to me; I'll get him fixed. Eventually. In the meantime, I'll make sure his associate takes good care of Professor Salamander.
  • (Dialogue ends)

Calibrating the master control[edit | edit source]

After calibrating the machine the first time[edit | edit source]

  • Player: That's a match! It looks like it needs further calibration before it will work though.
  • Continue to repair the device?
    • Yes.
      • Master control calibration interface opens up again
    • No.
      • (Dialogue ends)

After calibrating the machine the second time[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Another match! One more calibration should do the trick!
  • Continue to repair the device?
    • Yes.
      • Master control calibration interface opens up again
    • No.
      • (Dialogue ends)

After calibrating the machine the third time[edit | edit source]

  • The device whirls into life.
  • Player: That's it! It's finally working! Now let's try to figure out what it actually does...

Inspecting the calibrated Moksha device[edit | edit source]

First time

  • Player: It's working! Though I don't think that has made it any clearer what this is supposed to do. What was this used for?
  • Player: Okay, let's slow down. Think like a dragonkin. We're on a huge platform in the centre of a room. There's seating all around us. Dragonkin theatre school? No, don't be ridiculous. But, hmm, what if it was for some kind of spectacle?
  • Attempt to use the device?
    • Yes.
      • Player steps forward onto the platform
      • A shock runs down your spine as you stand in the centre of the room. An image take forms in your mind, so smoothly it feels like it was always there. Suddenly you are not seeing with your eyes, but through the eyes of someone else. As the image continues to take shape, it's not just what you can see that you notice. You can also hear the thoughts of the individual in your mind as it plays. And from those thoughts it becomes apparent who this memory belongs to. This is a memory of the dragonkin, Skeka.
      • Skeka: ...too wild for the initial test. I need a specimen with similiar[sic] physiology, but which also has sufficient cognitive ability. Zygomites? Easily controlled and certainly sentient, but I suspect they may have something akin to a hive mind. I'm not sure individually they fully control their own sentience. Could be dangerous. Perhaps one of those hibernating Nodon? I'm sure one of those wouldn't mind sacrificing their mind to my ritual. It's not like they are really using them right now. No! That would be fruitless! They are as stricken with pain as I am. The point is to free myself. Must think! Focus! Simple. Small. Easily controlled. There must be something on this island that meets those requirement. Ah, salamanders! Slippery little creatures, but I'd need to keep it calm, entranced even. Yes, let's try salamanders. What was that tip of Varanus's to calm his prey...
      • The memory begins to fade away as quickly as it began.
      • (Dialogue ends)
    • No.
      • (Transcript missing. edit)

Subsequent times

  • Player: The dream showed Skeka talking about using a calm yellow salamander as a test subject, for safety. But how to catch one and keep it calm?
  • Replay the dream?

Catching a yellow salamander[edit | edit source]

Dismantling the trap after netting a salamander

  • You dismantle the trap. The singing bowl calms the salamander allowing you to catch it.

Inspecting the Moksha device with a tranquil yellow salamander[edit | edit source]

  • Place the tranquil yellow salamander into the device?
    • Yes.
      • You place the tranquil yellow salamander into a compartment in the device. It looks up at you and you both wonder what happens next.
      • Professor Alfredo: Ah, Guildmaster, you shouldn't. We can't risk losing another Guildmaster in such a short span of time. Let me perform this next test.
      • Player: Well, okay, if you insist, but I was going to use this salamander as the test subject.
      • Professor Alfredo: Yes, yes, I'll just be starting up the device.
      • Cutscene begins
      • Professor Alfredo: I think it is time we see how this works...
      • Professor Alfredo walks forward onto the Moksha device
      • Professor Alfredo: Here I go!
      • Professor Alfredo: I'm starting to see something... Another Skeka memory, I believe...
      • Professor Alfredo: Goodness! Would you look at that sky! Truly, this appears as real as real can be. And her thoughts! I can hear her thoughts as if I was thinking them myself. This device is truly impressive.
      • Player: Where are you? What can you see?
      • Professor Alfredo: I'm on Anachronia. Somewhere in the jungle in a swampy area near a large temple.
      • Player: That sounds like it could be the temple in the south-east of the island.
      • Player: That sounds like it could be the temple in the south-east of the island.
      • Professor Alfredo: Perhaps. Yes, it could well be.
      • The device sparks loudly.
      • Screen begins to shake, and sparks come from the Moksha device
      • Professor Alfredo performs an emote
      • Professor Alfredo: What was that? The image just went all fuzzy!
      • Player: The device just sparked. Professor, you should step out now. I don't think it's safe. We've already learned enough.
      • Professor Alfredo: No. I'm so close now, I can feel it. There's a discovery moments away. I'll have the glory of being the first to view inside the temple! Right. We are at a door below one of the dragonkin head stoneworks. I appear to be carrying one of those lingam stones that we discovered here at this dig site as well.
      • The device sparks again. Louder this time.
      • Screen begins to shake, and even more sparks come from the Moksha device
      • Player: Professor, get out now!
      • Professor Alfredo: What's happening? Everything has gone dark. I think something is-
      • Professor Alfredo falls over, as if he has died
      • Alfredo's body goes still. In the silence that follows, the salamander perks up and looks at you. If you didn't know better, you'd say it looked confused. Shocked even.
      • Player: Professor Alfredo?
      • Professor Alfredo: ...
      • Player: Quick, Colette, help me get the professor out of this device!
      • Player: Quick, Colette, help me get the professor out of this device!
      • Associate Colette: Of course!
      • The Player and Associate Colette walk forward to be on either side of Professor Alfredo
      • Player: Are you okay? What happened in there?
      • Professor Alfredo: *popping noises*
      • Player: Professor?
      • Professor Alfredo: [popping noises intensify]
      • Associate Colette: I think the professor may need some time to recover, Player. Let me take care of this; you should head off to the temple, put the professor's findings to use.
      • The player and Colette reach forward to pick up the professor
      • Cutscene ends
      • Congratulations! You have completed: 'Fragmented Memories' - Solve this mystery.
      • You gain 56,600 Archaeology XP for completing a mystery!
      • Mystery Complete!
    • No.
      • (Dialogue ends)

Post-mystery dialogue[edit | edit source]

Inspecting the Moksha device again[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I wonder how Professor Alfredo is doing? I should check in with Associate Colette.

Talking to Associate Colette[edit | edit source]

  • Player: How is the professor doing?
  • Associate Colette: Which one?
  • Associate Colette: Well, the salamander professor is fine, happily just exploring and gorging on insects. Keeps them off the team while we work, very helpful. More so than Professor Alfredo was in that body.
  • Player: And the actual professor?
  • Associate Colette: Oh, he's a cutie! His little salamander face is full of expression! You can almost see Alfredo's mannerisms in him, but he's just too cute to take seriously. Honestly, I've never liked him more.
  • Player: Well, we'll get them swapped back eventually...I think we've discovered all there is here for the moment.
  • Player: While in the device, the professor mentioned lingam stones and a door near a dragonkin head stonework piece somewhere around the temple to the south-east of Anachronia.
  • Associate Colette: Don't rush on our account! Perhaps that's the lead we need to follow for our next mystery!

Talking to Professor Alfredo (the salamander)[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hey Professor. How are you doing?
  • The salamander stares intently at you. You take it to mean 'I would be better if I was back in my human body'.
  • Player: Don't worry! We're hard at work figuring out how to swap you back again. At least I hope someone is because I have no idea.

Talking to Professor Salamander (Alfredo's body)[edit | edit source]

  • Professor Salamander: *popping noises*
  • Player: I don't think the professor is home right now...
  • Professor Salamander: [popping noises intensify]