Transcript of Fourth stone fragment

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You feel a faint rumbling in the ground beneath your feet and dust begins to shake off the statue. A voice starts to whisper from within...

You hold in your hands a fragment, fallen from one of the great temples which scatter these lands. These temples are sacred to the goebie people, but little do they know of their history and importance in the planet's vitality. Long ago this world was dying, its anima perpetually seeping from the wounds it endures. The goebies of old were diligent and in tune with their world, thus they constructed great temples to plug the leaks where the anima escaped. But they did not just halt the flow of anima from the core, they also sought to reverse it, using the temples to funnel energy back to the source. This tradition has long been forgotten however, and the only replenishment comes in the form of spirit guardians reaching the temples at the end of their pilgrimages.