Transcript of Founder's journal page 4

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I have a new pet freshly arrived from the Source. It is disguised enough that we can walk together on the surface. This is all happening right under their noses and it will be their downfall. I take such joy in going for walks with Duke - he's such a good boy.

Not only walks, but we now hunt together. We grow bolder with each passing day; there is a palpable buzz in the air - arrivals from the Source inform us that Lord Zamorak will be returning soon! There is one trophy in particular I wish to show him when he does - the head of Auriculus. It hangs in a place of pride above the altar below.

The stars are aligning. The purpose of Star Lodge is fulfilled. Long live the Order of Dis.

-Duchess Philippa Wharton, Founder of Star Lodge, Hierophant of the Order of Dis