Transcript of Founder's journal page 3

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I've told them before not to work in the night! The Lodge gets too busy at night and the noises from below need to cease, lest someone notice our masks slip and we are outed. The crackling fireplace hides our sins, as does the raucous laughter and the music, but we are too close to be taking these risks.

There is no deadline to our task, but the acolytes get too excitable. If they're so damned excited they could offer themselves, but no, they think themselves above the sacrifice. Some physical discouragement is in order to remind them of our precarious position here. Some examples need to be made.

At night we play our part and entertain the masses. We take only the lost and lonely, the forgotten few. Then only during the day do we 'encourage' them to accept a gift from the Source. Those that do are free to leave us and spread our word abroad.

Those that do not, they say, there is always a choice, not that I would consider Dagon a choice. Though Dagon claims he despises this use for him, his contract decrees it and he will do as I say.

-Duchess Philippa Wharton, Founder of Star Lodge