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I founded this lodge so that we may hide in plain sight. Even the name mocks him, and he does not know it. They think it alludes to his star, that it is reverence for him. Never. He stomps around now, claiming the humans as his own, be they of the empire or not. He snatches up the land and renames it, reshapes it - as if that is enough to claim it. We are embedded here, weeds in his garden. We were of the empire once, but our order rose among its shadows too, working in secret to usurp the Empty Lord under the tutelage of our champion. And yet as soon as the work was done, the blasted demons snatched him up for their own selfish rebellion, leaving us here to fend for ourselves. They shall rue the day.

But we have survived in the shadows before, so we shall bide our time and await Zamorak's return. Oh, we'll act as converts to Saradomin on the surface. We'll welcome his sheep in our door. We'll fatten them up with wine and beguile them with our songs. But in our hearts we carry our true selves. In the dark beneath the lodge, we build.

The stars are for our lord, who will return to us one day, and we must be prepared for that return.

-Duchess Philippa Wharton, Founder of Star Lodge