Dialogue for Fortress guard

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When wearing bronze helm and iron chainbody[edit | edit source]

  • Fortress Guard may say any one of the following at random:
    • Dialogue 1:
      • Fortress Guard: Be careful walking the corridors. The Black Knights are all on edge after that package got delivered.
      • Player: What package?
      • Fortress Guard: We weren't told, but it must be important if it's got them all excited like this.
    • Dialogue 2:
      • Player: What's the connection between the Black Kni- I mean us and King Arthur?
      • Fortress Guard: We of the Black Knight order oppose all supporters of the White Knights... But it is said that King Arthur sent one of his knights to find the Holy Grail.
      • Player: So?
      • Fortress Guard: Well, the knight killed our Black Knight titan. He was our mightiest warrior and Lord Daquarius sent him to prevent King Arthur from retrieving such a powerful relic.
    • Dialogue 3:
      • Fortress Guard: I heard something happened to King Arthur and that Lord Daquarius was behind it.
      • Player: Really? Where is King Arthur now?
      • Fortress Guard: I've no idea, but it's a great victory for Lord Daquarius. To take down such a mighty supporter of the White Knights down... Truly brilliant.

When wearing any of the black armour variants required to gain entry[edit | edit source]

  • Fortress Guard may say any one of the following at random:
    • Dialogue 1:
      • Fortress Guard: My lady, I hear the covert operation went well. Only one of those foolish Seers' Village guards suspects any foul play.
      • Player: Really? I heard a very brave and courageous adventurer was on to us.
      • Fortress Guard: Pfft, nah. He couldn't possibly be brave enough to work out our part in the plan.
    • Dialogue 2:
      • Fortress Guard: I beg your pardon, my lady. What does Lord Daquarius plan to do with his newly acquired statue?
      • Player: Display it prominently, no doubt. All evil geniuses do that.
      • Fortress Guard: Truly? But it's so well hidden in the dungeon. I doubt we would ever get to see it.
    • Dialogue 3:
      • Fortress Guard: Good day, brave knight. Congratulations on your victory against King Arthur.
      • Player: Er, thanks. Why don't you tell me - in your own words - how glorious you thought our victory was?
      • Fortress Guard: Of course. It was so clever of Lord Daquarius to lend our men to Morgan Le Faye in exchange for our prize.
      • Player: We got the better end of the deal, no doubt.

When wearing Dagon'hai robes[edit | edit source]

  • The guard regards you with silent fear.