Transcript of Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf journal entry

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  • Veldaban has told me the Red Axe has left Keldagrim, and wants me to investigate.
  • I have spoken to the drunken dwarf, but couldn't get much sense out of him.
  • I have brought the drunken dwarf a beer. He didn't seem happy with it though.
  • The gardener of Keldagrim palace has given me permission to grow Kelda hops in his garden.
  • I have grown my seeds into Kelda hops and harvested them.
  • I have brewed my very own Kelda stout!
  • I have given the drunken dwarf his Kelda stout.
  • After I gave the drunken dwarf his Kelda stout, he told me a very interesting tale!
  • The conductor near the boarded up tunnel told me he can't open up the tunnel for me.
  • The Consortium has opened up the tunnel for me.
  • I saw the Red Axe creating an army of chaos dwarves, but an ogre shaman knocked me unconscious with a spell and I woke up back in Keldagrim.
  • I tried telling Veldaban something important, but I forgot what I wanted to say to him.
  • I had a bit too much to drink in the Laughing Miner and I think I made a bit of a fool of myself. I think something terrible has happened, I've been put under a spell of some sort, but no one will believe me. They think my stories are just some forgettable tales of a drunken human.