Dialogue for Foreman Jaak

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After King of the Dwarves[edit | edit source]

  • Foreman Jaak: Get to work! There's a blockage in channel [blocked channel].
    • Choose an option
      • What do I have to do here?
        • Player: What do I have to do here?
        • Foreman Jaak: The lava here is only just above the rock's melting point. In order to keep the lava flowing, we have to constantly mine the crust that forms on the edges of the channels. You can mine anywhere you like, but there's usually a blockage in some segment or other, and you'll get experience more quickly from mining that segment. You can find the blockage using the flow gauges. The lava flows more slowly near the blockages. There are a few...distractions that pop up from time to time. You might want to keep an eye out for them.[sic] Any questions?
          • Select an option
            • What do I get out of this?
              • Player: What do I get out of this?
              • Foreman Jaak: You get experience in mining! It's a great way to practise your pickaxe skills without having to carry an inconvenient load of rocks away afterwards.
              • (Shows other options)
            • What do you mean...distractions?[sic]
              • Player: What do you mean...distractions?[sic]
              • Foreman Jaak: Firstly, ever since the latest chaos dwarf attack, the boilers have been playing up. If you spot one that's broken you can repair it with a hammer. You might find it gives you Smithing experience. Secondly, there's the Liquid Gold Nymph. She's harmless; she just wants to dress everyone in new clothes. If she gives you a gold pickaxe, I can remove the gold again if you decide you don't like it. Thirdly, the mine is...haunted. Sometimes an ancestor spirit will grab someone's pickaxe. If you defeat the possessed pickaxe, it'll give you a boost to Mining experience in the mine for ten minutes. Finally, watch out for a TzHaar hero and lava monster. I still don't know what the monster did, but if you can delay it enough for the hero to catch it, everyone in the area will find more gems when mining here for ten minutes.
              • (Shows other options)
            • What's all this for, anyway?
              • Player: What's all this for, anyway?
              • Foreman Jaak: This, my friend, is the power supply for the great city of Keldagrim! Heat from the lava flows boils water in the pipes, and the power is transferred to all of the city's machinery. It's a marvel of the modern age! Just...marvellous![sic]
              • (Shows other options)
            • How can I stand so close to the lava without being burned?
              • Player: How can I stand so close to the lava without being burned?
              • Foreman Jaak: It's brilliant, isn't it? Just...brilliant![sic] Logically, convection should make the air in this chamber hotter than an oven, and we'd all roast alive. But for some reason that doesn't happen!
              • (Shows other options)
            • Goodbye.
              • Player: Goodbye.
      • If you have a glided pickaxe on you:
        • Can you remove the gold from a pickaxe?
          • Player: Can you remove the gold from a pickaxe?
          • Foreman Jaak: You think it's tacky as well, eh? Sure. Just give me the pickaxe you want cleaned up.
          • Use a gold-plated pickaxe on Foreman Jaak to have him remove the gold.
      • Goodbye.
        • Player: Goodbye.

Using a gilded pickaxe on Foreman Jaak[edit | edit source]

  • Foreman Jaak: Do you want me to remove the gold from that pickaxe?
    • Select an option
      • Yes, please.
        • Player: Yes, please.
        • Foreman Jaak removes the gold from the pickaxe.
        • Foreman Jaak: There you go. Now you can mine without hurting everyone's eyes.
      • No, thanks.
        • Player: No, thanks.
        • Foreman Jaak: Well, keep that thing away from me, then. I can't stand the...tackiness.