Dialogue for Foppish Pierre

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In Taverley[edit | edit source]

Before Completing Let Them Eat Pie[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello!
  • Foppish Pierre: Oh, are you addressing...me?
  • Player: Well, yes?
  • Foppish Pierre: Oh dear...This will never do.
  • Player: What are you talking about?
  • Foppish Pierre: I was right. This will never do. I mean...look at yourself. How, by any stretch of the imagination, am I supposed to...converse...with one such as yourself?
  • Player: Well, you could flap your mouth about while making words into a sentence.
  • Foppish Pierre: Oh...you are so lower class. I've become used to dealing with better people than you since I became fabulously wealthy. Thank goodness I have my pomander of expensive spices, your odour was beginning to make me feel light-headed.
  • Player: Hey!
  • Foppish Pierre: I'm sorry, I can't hear it when poor people are upset. Toodle-pip.

After Completing Let Them Eat Pie[edit | edit source]

  • Foppish Pierre: Ruined! I'm ruined!
  • Player: What's the matter?
  • Foppish Pierre: Don't interrupt my woe!
  • Foppish Pierre: Ahem... Ruined! Oh woe is me!
  • Foppish Pierre: First I lose my spices, and then that blubbery whale Rolo goes and gives away all the food I could've used to buy some more!
  • Foppish Pierre: I'm going to starve in the gutter; my clothes taken by footpads and my body heaped into a pauper's grave!
  • Player: Oh come on, I'm sure things aren't that bad.
  • Foppish Pierre: Hmm, now you mention it.
  • Foppish Pierre: I know, I'll just stop paying my workers so much, and drop the quality of the goods I sell.
  • Foppish Pierre: If I keep firing people and charging through the roof for my wares I'll soon be back to normal!
  • Player: Uh...
  • Foppish Pierre: Thank you, uneducated and filthy stranger. You may have saved my life!
  • Player: You're... welcome.