Transcript of Foothold

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I have lost count of how many worlds we have attempted to colonise. They all had flaws in their construction, some imbalance. We were able to sustain ourselves on such worlds for a time, but they were too new, not able to support life such as us, at least not yet, and we inevitably had to return to the Abyss or to enter extended periods of hibernation, lest we ravage these young worlds to the point of destruction.

When first setting foot on this world, however, I could immediately tell it was different. the air? No, it is deeper than that. There is an intangible quality I cannot pinpoint. No doubt, smarter minds than mine are already working to figure out the particulars. I care not for that; my instinct tells me all I need.

This world will be our new home.

It will take some doing, for this world is already home to an abundance of life, and it will not give up territory freely. We have established a foothold on a large island in the planet's northern hemisphere, a space we can tame and control, before exploring it further. This island contains a diversity of biomes, enough to suit all our needs, yet before other settlers can arrive, the local wildlife must be relocated, tamed or culled - likely a combination of all three.

This is my task.

-Varanus, Nodon hunter