Dialogue for Fluffie

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Conversation 1[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hey there little buddy, what should I call you?
  • The fluffy little creature turns to look at you. Love and joy glisten in its eyes and you find a single tear of joy rolling down your cheek.
  • It speaks no words, but you find yourself thinking that 'Fluffie' is a perfectly valid name...as is 'Master' or 'your Highness'.
  • You're not quite sure why you thought that and for a moment you question those mental images.
  • But then you find yourself looking back at the adorable little creature and the only thought that fills your mind is this:
  • Yay! FLUFFY!

Conversation 2[edit | edit source]

  • Player: So, hey there little buddy, I was wondering where you're from.
  • The cute creature stares off wistfully into the distance.
  • The look in its, undeniably adorable, eyes suggests memories of a happy place full of wonder, joy and bright colours.
  • You imagine several of these adorable fluffy critters skipping gaily across colourful fields and you find yourself smiling despite yourself.

Conversation 3[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Wait, what's that in your middle left paw?
  • The unfathomably cute creature looks up at you innocently and you find your thoughts overcome by cuteness.
  • Player: Oh no you don't, I see what you're trying...you...er...
  • So cute...so very cute. Fluffy. Like kittens made of clouds. Fluffy. Cute.
  • Player: No...wait...I was saying something...I was...I...
  • Cute! Fluffy! Cute! Adorable! Kittens and puppies dancing on clouds! Cute! Fluffy!
  • Player: Awwww, so cute and fluffy!
  • You know you were going to say something, but it can't be as important as scratching the cute creature behind the ears, now can it?
  • Player: No, you're right, petting Fluffie is so much better.
  • So very, very fluffy.

Conversation 4[edit | edit source]

  • Player: You're not fooling anyone you know.
  • The adorable little creature looks up at you with nothing but love and admiration in its eyes. For a moment you find your faith wavering. Is it truly evil?
  • No. It can't be...can it? Surely the evil creatures you encountered just used this adorable thing as a disguise.
  • Yes, that must be it. You find yourself happily realising that this cute creature is indeed nothing but cuteness and light.
  • You also feel oddly inclined to pet it and scratch it behind its left ear, just ever so slightly south of the base of the ear.
  • Player: There you go buddy, a good scratch.
  • You wonder how you could ever have doubted this poor little creature. It is, after all, so very, very cute.